Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad dreams?

We had a weird night last night...Braeden was in bed at 8:00, a little bit later than usual because we went out to dinner (at Red Robin!) and then called Me Ma when we got home to wish her a happy birthday.

Around 9:30 I hear Braeden's little voice calling Mommy! I look up and he's standing at the gate at the top of the stairs. When I get up there, all he'll do is whine and tell me he wants to get up. He wants to do something else (other than sleep). He wouldn't let me pick him up or help him back to bed. Mat came up and neither of us could get him to calm down. Finally I took him in the other bedroom and we climbed onto the futon.

After a few minutes, we took him back to bed and thought he was down for the night. Again. But about 15 minutes later, I heard his door open again. I looked up and he was just standing at the gate staring down at me. I went upstairs again and this time ended up bringing him downstairs with me because he agreed to get into my bed.

But first he wanted a drink of water, not from my glass, but from his own cup. With ice. Then he wanted to watch Mat brush his teeth. Then finally he climbed into bed with me and got under the covers. He LOVES to be covered up. I think I fell asleep and Mat took Braeden back up to his own bed. And this time, he stayed there the rest of the night, even sleeping later than usual.

This morning Braeden told Mat he had a bad dream then heard a loud noise on the TV and that's what woke him up. Maybe he was dreaming about the big bird at Red we were getting ready to leave, there was a person in a robin costume walking around the restaurant. Braeden was terrified and refused to go near the big bird. The purple balloon he got on on the way out the door helped a little, but you could tell he was still stressed about the bird because he kept mentioning it the rest of the night.

Don't tell Mat, but I never mind having Braeden in the bed with us. He's so sweet and warm and it reminds me of when he was a baby and slept with us.

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