Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boring appointment update

I passed my glucose test yesterday! My iron level was just below (11) what they consider normal (12-16). The lab tech's advice was to eat more iron-rich food. If my midwife is concerned, I guess I'll get a call about it.

When I arrived for my 11:00 appointment I was taken back to the lab where they gave me the sugar drink. I had my choice of orange, cola, or lemon-lime. Since I love Coke I picked cola. The first sip tasted like a flat pepsi that had too much syrup. Gulping it down was a little harder, but I didn't think it was that bad. They sent me back out to the waiting room with a digital timer.

I was called back by a nurse a few minutes later for my appointment with Tanya. My blood pressure was fantastic--100/70! We listened to the heartbeat--150 beats/minute and Tanya measured me. I'm measuring right between 26 and 27, so dead on. Everything looks great. Good weight gain, low blood pressure, perfect measurement, passed the glucose complaints!

After my appointment came the fun stuff...I met Emily and Will for lunch at Moe's. In my house, Moe's is a word that cannot be said aloud. We can't even spell it because Braeden still knows what we're talking about. We call it the place that cannot be named! Emily looks great and Will is perfect. He's tiny but so strong at holding his head up. He slept our entire visit regardless of my toe tickling and other tactics to wake him up! After we ate, I held him until we had to go. I told him not to have too much fun until Baby P-G gets here this Christmas!

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Me-ma said...

Oh, those tests! Glad they went well for you! I was thinking about you. xxxmom