Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Dentist

I took Braeden to the dentist this morning...what a nightmare!

He seemed interested in going, was perfectly happy to climb up into the big chair all by himself, loved the taste of the grape toothpaste when the hygienist offered him a taste, and even liked it when she tickled his hand with the spinning toothbrush. The good times ended there, though!

Because that's the moment the hygienist raised the chair up and lowered the back. Braeden freaked! He was out of the chair and in my arms in a split second. I calmed him a little, then climbed in the chair myself. We tried to brush his teeth sitting up but he wouldn't open his mouth or hold still. After a minute or so, we gave up and resolved to try again after the dentist came in.

When the dentist came in, he reclined the chair again. This time Braeden was lying on top of me. It took two hygienists and me to hold him down long enough for the dentist to check each tooth for cavities. None, by the way!

When we sat up, my cheek was wet from Braeden's tears. He had basically been crying the whole time begging me to help him. After the dentist left, we tried one more time to clean his teeth, but finally I just told them to stop. He was having none of it, and I knew I couldn't take much more of the screaming either.

Braeden perked up when he realized it was over and he could choose between a Spongebob toothbrush and a Dora one. He picked Spongebob...could be because Spongebob was on the TV when he came in!

We'll try again at our next appointment in April.

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