Sunday, October 7, 2007

Braeden and baby

I went to the doctor Thursday. The baby's heartbeat sounded good, around 140 beats/minute. My blood pressure is still great at 110/72. My weight gain is perfectly normal, and the baby was measuring right on. All in all, a perfectly normal, ho-hum appointment. Hardly worth the drive to Greensboro. I go back in two weeks.

That night, Lisa and her daughter Kiki and Braeden and I went to dinner with Emily and Will at PF Changs. Melisha's son Kenan has a bad ear infection, so she wasn't able to go with us unfortunately. But we had a great dinner. Will is so sweet and slept through practically the entire dinner. Emily, very bravely and very discreetly, nursed him at the dinner so we could stay together a little longer. I hadn't planned to bring Braeden because I worried he would act up at the restaurant...long waits for dinner and boring sitting are not his favorite things. But he was very good. He sat next to Kiki and he really, really likes her! She was very patient with him, even when he was taking the straw out of our water and putting it in her lemonade or building a super-long straw by sticking the chopsticks into the straw. Since I knew PF Changs didn't have a kids menu, I brought him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice, and goldfish. He also loved the fortune cookies the waitress brought at the end of the meal.

One of the highlights was checking out Braeden watching me holding Will. Emily and I have been speculating for months about how Braeden will handle me holding another baby. He was totally fine about it. He wanted to touch the baby, so he touched Will's arm just like he would pet the cat. He was gentle and very sweet about it. I had to give Will back to Emily sooner than I would have liked because I was worried about Braeden being too rambunctious next to us. I was so nervous he would hit my arm or Will's head, or drop something on him, accidentally. But really, Braeden took it all in stride. He liked to look at Will sleeping in his car seat and he had absolutely no problem with his mommy holding another baby.


Emily said...

I was very impressed with how Bray reacted to you and the baby. Especially how HE asked if YOU could hold the baby. I hope it's that smooth when you bring new baby P-G home!

It was so great having dinner Thursday! thanks for driving to GSO to meet me! I'll talk to dana this week about making the bedding for baby p-g.

Me-ma said...

See, having a baby brother is a piece of cake!