Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mommy 2 Be

I stayed home Friday because I just felt a little off in the morning. Around 10:00 I got an e-mail from Spa Sublime offering 20% off massage appointments that day. Since I've been having a lot of pain in my lower back, a massage sounded like heaven. I called and got an 11:00 appointment for the Mommy 2 Be prenatal massage.

When I arrived, a much-too-perky woman showed me back to the room to change into the robe and slippers. She met me after I was changed with a cold drink made of berries including one shown to energize women post-partum. The drink had an incredibly sharp taste with just a hint of sweetness, not something you gulp, definitely a sipper. She showed me back to the quiet room, gave me a heated neck roll, and covered me with a blanket. A few minutes later, Erin, the masseuse, came to get me.

You lay on your side for the Mommy 2 Be massage supporting yourself with a giant body pillow. She started me off on my left side and massaged my head, neck, arm, shoulders, back and down through my hip. Then she finished with my leg and foot. I had explained that most of my pain was in the lower back and hip area, so she focused on that. Then she helped me flip over to my right side and did the same thing all over again. It was perfect! My right hip area had really been bothering me recently and she spent extra time working on it. It's felt a hundred times better since. Afterwards I was actually kicking myself for not having done this a month ago when the pains really started in earnest.

On the way out, the receptionist always asks if you want to schedule another appointment. I've always said no because I prefer to wait for the 20% off openings, but this time I jumped at the chance. You do save 10% by schedling another appointment before you leave, but honestly, I just felt so good, I might have agreed to anything. Of course, I scheduled the appointment for the Saturday I'll be in Greenville, so now I need to reschedule it. It's expensive, but so worth the money!

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