Monday, October 8, 2007

What Baby Needs (besides a name!)

When people ask what we're having this time around, one of the first things they say in response to me saying boy is that we must not need anything this time around. I guess everyone assumes we kept every article of clothing, toy, blanket, washcloth, etc. Our house just isn't that big! Besides, we had so much and there are kids with so little, it didn't feel right to just pack the stuff away in case we had another boy. Over the past few years we've donated a lot of clothes and toys, so while we kept the big stuff (crib, swing, high chair, etc.), there's still some things we could use.

So, I set up a registry at Babies R Us. If you're sitting around thinking of sending the baby a gift (and really, who isn't thinking that??!!), check out the registry. I think there's some good stuff on there!

My friend Melisha (mom to Kenan) turned me on to the's a molded plastic seat that lets 3-month-old babies sit up and watch the action. She would sit Kenan in it on the kitchen counter while she was doing dishes and he loved being in the middle of things. My friend Emily has the snap n go stroller which is really just the bottom of a stroller that your infant car seat snaps onto. We've got a travel system, but the stroller piece is so big and bulky it's a hassle to take it anywhere. Our stroller base is heavy which made it hard for me to lift up into my trunk and once it's there, it takes up almost all the trunk floor space. This snap n go is light and very compact and should be easier to use in tight spaces like Target or Starbucks (places this baby will LOVE to visit with me!).

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Emily said...

Yeah, i'm so loving my snap n go. love it. did you check to be sure it will fit with your carseat?