Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble gobble!

We had an interesting Thanksgiving. This was our first time celebrating as just our small family. It's always weird for me not to be in Rhinebeck for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday, but it was nice, different to just spend the day with Mat and Braeden.

I brined our 14-pound turkey for the first time this year. Brining makes for a much moister and more flavorful turkey. Me, I like my turkey dry but Mat always complains it's like chewing shoe leather. So I gave brining a shot. It came out great! With the turkey, we had gravy, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, and cornbread. Yum yum!

Braeden couldn't wait until the turkey was ready, so he had peanut butter and jelly for lunch then went upstairs for quiet time while we had our turkey dinner. He was sooo tired! Of course he wouldn't sleep though. The nap came later. After quiet time was over, he came downstairs to watch football with me. He wanted to lay down with his head on a pillow and his blanket over him. And within minutes, he was asleep.

Mat and I ate our Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves...but with constant interruptions from the little boy upstairs who was supposed to be having quiet time in his room with the door shut.

Here's the picture of our Thanksgiving table.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Finally! The long-awaited Halloween post is here. I finally downloaded the photos of Braeden in his bumblebee costume to the computer and I can now show you how cute Braeden looked that night.

He was the one who picked out his bumblebee costume at Target one day with Mat. And he seemed really excited about Halloween and if anyone asked him what he was going to be he very proudly replied bumblebee. He even went bzzz bzzz! Then the night of Halloween came and he would not put his costume on! My plan was to pick him up from school a little early so we could get home, get the costume on, and do our trick-or-treating before it got too dark. Best laid plans...

Braeden refused to put the costume on. The doorbell rang and a two-year-old in a dinosaur costume was on the other side of the door. Our almost three-year-old completely freaked out. He was in a panic. He pulled me over so that I fell on the floor and he was practically screaming. The dinosaur looked pretty nervous, but not nervous enough not to take a piece of candy from our pumpkin. This dinosaur didn't help our cause!

We had dinner and more kids came to the door. And you could practically see the wheels turning in Braeden's head. Wear costume...ring doorbell...say trick or treat...get candy. Hmmm...I like ringing doorbells...I like candy...I'll have to suck it up and wear the costume, then I can ring the doorbells and get the candy! It's a plan.

So, he refused to put on the black tee shirt and black pants I bought to go under his costume. But since he'd finally agreed to put the costume on, I didn't care that we did it over his Giants shirt and jeans. You'll see in the photos, it looks silly, but it's on. We finally headed out the door, in the dark, and hit the houses on our street.

We really have the nicest neighbors; Halloween confirmed that for me. Shaler and Michelle (who are expecting a little girl in April!) brought over a BIG bag of candy of Braeden because they were going out to dinner. Shaler is not the kind of guy who's going to hop up every five minutes to give out candy. The rest of our neighbors were home (except Braeden's bestest friend Tasha who must have been out doing her own trick-or-treating) and let Braeden have as much candy as we would let him take. Our neighbor Laura was the designated candy person, but when she saw that it was Braeden, she called Rob out to see him. Rob never seems like a kid guy, but he's incredibly patient with Braeden and always stops to talk to him or admire Braeden's rocks, cars, or sticks. When we finished with the houses on our street, Braeden was so impressed with his haul, he wanted to keep going but it was bedtime.

Each night after dinner, if Braeden hits all his dinner, he gets to have a piece of his candy. He absolutely LOVED those mini Hershey kisses with the candy coating. He had 5 or 6 bags of those, so he ate them for a week. He doesn't really discriminate though, he ate Reeses' Pieces, a crunch bar, a lollipop, whatever we gave him, he ate.

And now, here's the picture of our little bumblebee! Bzzz Bzzz!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Appointment update

One more routine doctor's appointment down, four (or will it be five?) to go...

I saw Tanya yesterday afternoon. Blood pressure 120/70, weight good, no protein in my urine (a positive result could signal impending preeclampsia), measuring right on target for 34 weeks, no swelling. Baby P-G's heartbeat was 154 beats/minute. Perfect. Normal. Perfectly normal.

I have felt a few contractions, to be expected at this point, but nothing that would make you sit up and take notice. But it's something different and a sure sign that we're nearing the end.

My next appointment comes the week after Thanksgiving when I'll be 36 weeks along. After that, I'll be making the trip to Greensboro once a week until I have this baby.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Long time to go without an update!

I know it's been a long time since I've updated, but honestly there hasn't been that much to say.

I've had a couple of purely routine doctor's blood pressure is better now than when I'm not pregnant. At one appointment it was 96/70! If this keeps up, there should be no reason to worry about an induction this time around. Of course, with Braeden it wasn't until 36-ish weeks that the BP spiked for the first time so I'm not counting my chickens just yet. Everything else has been pleasantly (if not somewhat boringly) normal at my appointments.

The one blip was that I got my rhogam shot and even that was an expected ordeal. I'm Rh-negative and there's the chance that the baby could be Rh-positive. So, around 34 weeks I had to get a shot to protect baby P-G and I from killing each other if our blood should mix. Seriously, I can't remember for sure what happens but there's some concern that my negative antibodies would go to work on the baby's positive antibodies and chaos would ensue. If you're really interested, you could google it and find out the full story. Bottom line, I got the shot the first time around and there's a follow-up shot after the baby is born (for me, not him!) and that's the end of the story. The funny part is they give you a card you're supposed to keep (carry in your wallet even) for some number of years in case there's a recall on your batch of serum. Mine is sitting on the island in the kitchen. Mat will tell you it will probably sit there for months until, in a fit of abnormal cleaning energy, I throw it away!

My friends at work (Lisa and Melisha) are throwing me a shower and brunch on November 28! They're too sweet to do it again for the second baby. I'm looking forward to it because I think it will help make this baby's arrival feel more real. I know, I know, you'd think the huge stomach I lead with would do that for me. Or perhaps the heartburn (which has kicked up in the last few weeks) or lower back pain would have made things more real at this point. Or the emotion, akin to panic, in some coworkers' eyes when they ask me for the 100th time about my due date. :) But honestly, the birth still feels light years away.

Oh, and before the work shower comes the Gendle family shower on November 18. Poor Mat has to share his birthday with the baby. He's so not a shower fact, he's thrilled he has a class to teach that conflicts with the work shower because he doesn't want to be within 100 feet of the balloons, streamers, games, and cake. Mat conveniently had class or something the first time around when my work friends threw me a shower for Braeden. Oh well.

Some of you may be wondering what's going on with the nursery and why haven't I posted any photos of it? I mean, honestly, what's cuter than a baby nursery? Well, the answer is that nothing has changed in the nursery. Oh, wait, I lied and insulted my husband in one fell swoop. Last weekend while I was in Greenville for work, Mat and Braeden bought mini-blinds to install in the nursery and in our second-floor loft. I really hate mini-blinds but the roman shades in Braeden's room look sweet but do nothing to block the light during the day or early morning hours. Not great for mom and dad during nap time or sleeping in. So Sunday, when I was back to watch over Braeden, Mat installed the mini-blinds. He handled the installation fine, but my husband, holder of a Ph.d. from Cornell University, an ivy-league institution, can not operate mini-blinds. He can't pull a cord in one direction to release them and then pull it in the opposite direction to lock them. From outside (where I was watching Braeden play with Natasha) I hear him scream a string of swear words together and immediately imagined the worst. When he came out he was sweating and in a little bit of an altered state. He begged me to go inside and lower the blinds. Just lower them, I asked? That's it, he said. When I went upstairs, the blinds were hanging one side lower than the took me a minute or two to sort out his issue, then I smoothly lowered them, like the mini-blind champ that I am, and came outside whistling a jaunty tune. (Well, not really whistling but I like the image of calm, cool, and collected me confronting a lunatic blind-incompetent man.) Anyway, the blinds are up, so there's progress for you.