Sunday, December 2, 2007


Baby P-G has had two lovely showers in the last couple weeks with family and friends. The Gendles threw us a shower on Sunday, November 18 (Mat's birthday) at Pete and Carol's townhome in Davidson. They served us a very nice meal and gave us lots of wonderful presents. Pete and Carol gave us the snap-n-go stroller base we wanted (like the one Emily has that I've been envying for a few months now) and a number of the supplies we need to feed the baby when he comes. Mark and Jenn gave us everything we would need to bathe the baby--hooded towel, washclothes, bath wash, and lotion. Joe gave us the mirror that allows you to see the baby in the rear-facing car seat when you look in your rear-view mirror. Such a great invention! And Chris and Jenn and Brian and Lois gave the baby the play gym mat. I can't wait to put Baby P-G on the mat when he's old enough and watch him stare entranced at the toy bar!

This past Wednesday Lisa and Melisha organized a great shower for Baby P-G at the office. They had made great food and my friend Ethel made a cake that looked like an old-fashioned pram and decorated it with lots of blue icing. They got balloons including one that had a teddy bear balloon inside. Braeden LOVED it! And Baby P-G got some great presents! Very cute clothes, a super-soft blanket, lots of supplies like butt paste, bottles, teethers, washclothes, a hooded towel, and pacifiers. We got these adorable socks too! My first Elon boss, Pat House, had given Braeden a set of Trumpette socks at my shower for him except there were a dozen pairs of striped socks that came packaged in an egg carton. Braeden wore them for more than a year, so I know Baby P-G will get a lot of wear out of his sneaker socks!

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