Saturday, December 15, 2007

To strip or not to strip, part two

Turns out I shouldn't have wasted my time thinking through the pros and cons of stripping the membranes because I learned at my appointment that there's no way to strip the membranes of a woman who is only dilated one cm.

One cm, you say? But there's no way you're still only dilated one cm. That's where you were last week.

Ahh, yes. And that's where I stayed ALL WEEK LONG. Well, to be fair, Tanya generously spotted me another half centimeter, but still. No progress on that front. She did say that last week when she touched Baby P-G's head, it sprang back up and this week it didn't. Meaning, he's really settled in low in my pelvis. He's not going anywhere.

And that's the key, he's NOT going anywhere. Not when I'm still only dilated one cm.

So, no movement, no stripping, but an otherwise fine appointment. Blood pressure was 120/70 and the baby's heartbeat was 135 beats/minute. Lower than usual, but still in the normal range.

On my way out I made an appointment for next week. The receptionist asked when I wanted to come in on Wednesday and I told her I didn't care because certainly I will have had this baby before Wednesday comes around.

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