Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bath and tummy time

We gave Gage another sponge bath tonight in front of the fireplace. We've been waiting, not very patiently, for Gage's umbilical cord stump to fall off but it's still there. We can't wait to give him a real bath because he's getting those cute fat rolls that trap yuckiness like milk spit-up.

After the bath we left him on the towel in front of the fire for some tummy time. He lifted his head like these four times before he got really tired. His neck muscles are getting really strong. He holds his head up all the time when he's laying on our chests.

He's still wearing newborn diapers, but I think we'll switch over to 1's when we finish up this package. His newborn clothes fit him better but there's still a lot of room in them. His arms and legs often get lost inside the one-piece outfits. Gage is on a really good schedule at night waking up to nurse every three hours. During the days he's a lot less predictable. He usually wants to nurse a lot more often, like every hour and a half or two hours. Gage also prefers to sleep in my lap or on my chest rather than the swing, chair, or co-sleeper but I can't complain about it. He's just so sweet!

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Me-ma said...

Wow, isn't he a strong little baby! I didn't know he was able to hold up his head yet. Tell baby Gage we are proud of him.