Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A day in the life

The other night sometime around 2 AM while I was nursing Gage, I was trying to keep myself awake so I did a little calendar math to figure out how long I had been on maternity leave. Really, if it had been 2 PM I wouldn't have had to spend as long figuring out the answer to that question. I would have simply realized that if Gage was turning 4 weeks old this Thursday (TOMORROW!), I must be in the fourth week of my leave. But at 2 AM, my mind isn't as clear or logical. Truth be told, my mind barely functions at 2 AM. Getting an answer that night took even longer because I had absolutely NO idea what the day's date was. The best part of this calendar math was that it did keep me awake and focused on nursing for at least five minutes. :)

So, by now you're wondering why I would lay this all out for you, my readers. Why would I willingly admit my very early morning mental ineptitude? Well, it's because I decided after four weeks on maternity leave, it was time to share some of the details of Gage and my time together.

We usually nurse between 5:30 and 6:30 AM. Mat gets up at 6:00 and usually has to wake Braeden up between 6:30 and 7:00. Gage and I fall back asleep after nursing. I usually wake up again briefly when Braeden comes downstairs. He's fallen into a routine of bringing a stuffed animal for Gage to sleep with. After Mat and Braeden leave for school and work, Gage and I sleep until it's time to nurse again around 8:30-9:00. We get up, get dressed, and I eat breakfast. Since Gage is spending more time awake, he was awake this morning while I ate.

We tried tummy time on his play gym but he was having none of it. He would not lift his head and after a few minutes, he started whining. I flipped him over to his back and he was much happier. When he got tired of the play gym, I propped him up against a couple pillows on the couch and he fell right asleep. After nursing again around 11:00, we got ready to go out to Moe's for lunch with Lisa. After a quick trip to Target and Harris Teeter for pork chops, we were back home again.

In the evenings, Mat's been taking Gage into the bathroom with him. Gage likes the warmth and white noise and usually falls fast asleep in there. It didn't work last night, though. I nursed him and he fell asleep on my lap. I asked Mat to take him so I could post on Braeden's blog. The two of them curled up in the chair and soon they were both sleeping soundly.

I can't resist snapping pictures because they looked so sweet together. Plus, Mat HATES having his picture taken, to the point he often makes faces in an attempt to discourage the picture-taker. But asleep Mat never complains or makes a cranky face.

And if you're wondering about those pork chops, I found a great recipe at Smitten Kitchen. These pork chops were FANTASTIC! So moist, thanks to the brining, and so flavorful from the mustard and bread crumb mixture. I love the flavor the shallots bring to the bread crumbs. And even if you don't like shallots, or don't think you do, try these!

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Me-ma said...

Terrific photo! I'm going to try printing it on my new hp photosmart printer and will send it to you!