Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy birthday, Braeden!

My little boy is three today. And if he heard me call him a little boy, he would correct me very indignantly. I not a little boy, he would say, I a big boy! And now he's three.

I made chocolate cupcakes last night with white frosting for him to take to school today. They also gave him a birthday crown to wear during his little party. Unfortunately, Braeden got a bad report card today from his teachers. He got in trouble for not listening and for talking back. Yesterday his report card was fair because he was disruptive during naptime. We're working on teaching him about consequences (a word he's heard at school). Hopefully we'll see some positive effects from this.

After dinner tonight, we brought out the birthday cake Me Ma had made for Braeden while she was here at Christmas. I lit his candle (a 3) and brought it to the table. He was very excited to blow out his candle. And instead of eating his cake with a fork, he just picked it up with his hands. He ate most of the piece I gave him starting with the frosted top. When he was out of frosting, he announced he was done leaving the bottom of the cake on his plate. Smart kid!

After cake, Braeden opened birthday presents. Magnet letters and a sorting shape game from Me Ma and P Pa; a Melissa and Doug wood block puzzle from Debbie and Don Thorpe; and a Diego doodle pro from Abi and Jeremy. Braeden also got cards from Mark and Jenn, Joe, and Mat's Uncle Stephen and Aunt Helen. He loved his gifts and was very excited to put the magnet letters on the fridge. We're going to start working with him to spell out words like CAT and his name. Since knows all his letters and knows what letters to use to start to spell certain words, this seems like the next step for him. Fun!

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Me-ma said...

yea! Happy birthday to you Braeden! Glad you liked the birthday cake!