Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year!

The first post of 2008! Seriously. Where did 2007 go?

Mat and I took a walk around our neighborhood yesterday afternoon with Gage. It gave me a perfect chance to try out my new Moby wrap. It took a little doing to get it on right, or close to right anyway. Emily has one and I remember her saying it was a little awkward at first to get it on just right, but with practice I'm sure I'll be just as good at it as she is.

Once I got the cloth in place, Mat helped me slide Gage in and we were off for the walk. Even though I was pretty sure he was safe, I couldn't help but keep one hand on his bottom the whole walk just to be sure he wouldn't slip out the bottom. During our walk, I had the other piece of fabric over his head but I slid it off when we came inside. There was so much sun yesterday when we first went outside Gage squinted and dug in deeper to the wrap to shield himself from the brightness.

I'm going to like using the wrap when I start taking Gage out places.

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