Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Making new friends

My friend Lisa called this morning and asked if Gage and I were up for company. She, Melisha, and Lindsay came over around 1:00 with sandwiches. It was great to see them and I was so happy to show Gage off to my friends. Aside from being a demanding nurser, Gage was a perfect gentleman during their visit. I nursed him at 11:00 and again at 12:30 just before they arrived. Then he wanted to nurse again at 1:30 and AGAIN at 2:30 when they were getting ready to leave. Crazy.

I definitely see an effect from all the nursing. Gage's fingers have plumped up and his arms and legs are starting to fill out a little. We'll know for sure tomorrow morning after we take Gage for his first doctor's appointment.

We gave Gage a sponge bath tonight in front of the fire. It was SOOOO cold here today. And windy. Now it's 22 degrees! I knew I wanted to clean Gage up, but I was worried he'd get too cold. Mat gathered our supplies and we sat in front of the fire on the floor to do the bath. We laid Gage out on a towel and stripped him down to his diaper. He was so patient and barely made a peep during the whole bath. Gage doesn't spit up the way Braeden did but he has had a few wet burps or instances where milk trickled down his face and into the folds of his neck. I feel good knowing he's all cleaned up and ready to see Dr. Nogo tomorrow. A fireside bath was the perfect idea too. Gage stayed so toasty warm!

I took this picture of Gage last night while he was wrapped up in the fleece blanket Emily made us as a shower gift. I loved looking at him in such a cuddly state!

Tomorrow Gage will be one week old! I think in honor of his birthday and my labor, I'll post his birth story tomorrow.

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