Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Guys

This weekend Mat was laying on the floor playing with Gage. Braeden wanted in on the fun and I took these great photos! Here are my three guys. Aren't they cute?

I LOVE the look Braeden is giving me in this first picture. It might look like Braeden's feet are on Gage but they're actually sitting a few inches above him. As good as Braeden is around Gage, we do sometimes have to remind him to be careful and gentle. He was very good, though, while I was taking these pictures.

Braeden still likes holding Gage but he also likes to sit next to Gage. I prop Gage up against the couch cushions and Braeden sits beside him. Braeden gets bored easily, so this doesn't last long but it's sweet while it lasts.

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