Sunday, January 27, 2008

One month ago today

My baby is one month old today! At about 7:10 tonight Mat was changing Gage's diaper and I was changing into my pjs so I could nurse Gage. I looked at the clock and realized that exactly one month ago, Gage had been born 20 minutes ago. My heart and mind went back to that time immediately and I remembered Tanya putting Gage on my chest and Kim, the nurse, drying him off and wrapping him up. What a day!

What a month! It's really flown by.

Gage's umbilical cord stump FINALLY fell off Friday evening. We were so excited. He has the cutest little innie belly button! Gage was finally ready for a real bath, something we did Saturday morning before Mat and Braeden went to the grocery store. We put his pink tub (from the hospital) in our kitchen sink and went to work. Braeden stood on the stool to watch. Mat did most of the work while I held Gage's head and later sprayed the soap off him. I took a few pictures of the bath and a few of Mat drying Gage off on the floor. To be honest, I missed doing the sponge bath in front of the fire. But I finally feel like we got Gage really clean.

If you look closely, you can see Gage's thigh is getting that fat baby look!

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Me-ma said...

What a sweet, clean, shiney baby Gage is! We used to love those baths in the kitchen too. He looks wonderful.