Monday, January 14, 2008

Tidbits (not very exciting ones, sorry!)

Just a quick post since Gage and I are on our way out to the door. I decided it's time (probably past time) for Gage's first trip to one of my most favorite places. Yes, that's right, Gage and I are going to Target! And, if I'm feeling really wild, we'll stop at Starbucks for coffee. Living on the edge!

Last week when we went to Barnes & Noble I bought Gage's baby book. They had several options, but I thought this one by Eric Carle was the cutest. Mat and I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar so this book was perfect for our family. One of the things I need to get at Target is a glue stick so I can begin sticking photos and other mementos inside the book. I loved working on Braeden's, especially during the first year or so since so much was changing so fast that first year. Braeden has this one based on Guess How Much I Love You. It is so sweet!

Something else I did last week was to take my charm bracelet to my favorite local jewelry store. I needed to get the new charm Mat gave me for Christmas soldered on to my bracelet. (Who knew I knew how to spell the word 'soldered'?? I don't actually know how to solder, but I sure can spell it!) I told Mat a while ago that I wanted to get a palmetto charm to remember our trip to Charleston this past summer. I never got around to going to the jewelry store to look for one. Christmas morning Mat handed me a small package that looked VERY familiar to me. I laughed and tried to give it to my mom because I figured it was the earrings dad and I bought for her at the same jewelry store since it was wrapped in an identical way. Mom and dad both laughed and assured me that this gift was for me. When I opened it, I found my silver palmetto charm! Good job, Mat. While I was at the jewelry store, I bought a charm for Gage too. It matches the one my mom bought me for Braeden. Now I have both my boys on my bracelet plus the palmetto for Charleston, a dolphin for our first vacation with Braeden (to Virginia Beach October 2005), and "WS" for William Smith, my alma mater.

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Me-ma said...

Oh, I was planning on buying you the baby charm as I did for B, but I hadn't asked you what one you'd like. So, I'm glad you picked out the one you want. I have to go to our store and get one for my bracelet too!