Monday, January 7, 2008

A year in photos

A few days ago mom let me know that Martha Stewart would be doing a special baby episode. Martha showcased a group of women who personalize onesies by stamping them with potatoes. Another guest demonstrated must-have baby products for new moms. I barely remember what the products were, so I guess they weren't that crucial!

There was one thing I saw that I really, really liked. One of Martha's producers had bought a 12-month onesie and took pictures of her baby in the onesie each month. She framed the 12 pictures together to make a timeline of her baby's growth over the first year. The pictures were so sweet; I just thought it was a perfect idea.

So, Gage and I went to the outlet mall today to buy the onesie at Carter's. When we got home, I dressed him in it and put him on our bed (we have a tan down comforter so it made a nice neutral background).

We had a great time at the outlet mall. The weather was beautiful, almost 70 degrees and sunny! I dressed way too warmly for the day and wished I had worn capri pants and flip flops. But it was still so nice to walk around outside in the sun. I parked by Carter's and we walked to a few different stores. We didn't buy anything but we enjoyed the sunshine and warm air a lot. I wish our outlet mall was nicer though. I really miss the outlets in Waterloo (NY) where Mat and I went to college. It was brand new when we were in school and had so many great stores. Maybe we'll walk around Alamance Crossing later this week. Since I was pregnant and couldn't shop in most of the stores, I really haven't spent much time there. I think Gage and I will like chilling at Barnes & Noble, especially since there's a Starbucks inside!

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