Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two months old

I took Gage in for his two-month appointment this morning. I knew there would be shots so I brought along the infant tylenol. Timing is a big deal when you're breastfeeding. I nursed Gage somewhere around 6:00 this morning (times are sketchy when sleep is involved) so I arrived at the doctor's office a little early and asked to be taken back to an exam room to nurse Gage before the appointment.

When the nurse popped in the first time, we were still nursing so she came back 10 minutes later and we were ready to go. I undressed Gage down to his diaper and popped him on the scale.

As a reminder, he was 9 pounds even at 6 weeks. Now at 9 weeks (or two months) he weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces putting him at the 25th percentile for weight. He is 23 inches long (50th percentile) and his head is 15 3/4 inches (also 50th percentile). Our doctor was very pleased with his weight gain and said he was continuing to track along the curve meaning he's growing at a consistent rate (measuring his progress against himself). Good. Happy mommy.

She listened to his heart, checked his ears, eyes, hips and asked me a few questions about his development. She didn't need to ask if he smiled because he was smiling at me when she came in. She wanted to know if he tracked objects or turned his head at loud sounds (yes and yes). Does he recognize my voice and turn to me? Again, yes and yes. Is he sleeping on his back in his crib? I told her yes, but of course the real answer is yes and no. We definitely practice "back to sleep" but he's sleeping in our bed at night. Anyway...

Then it was time for the shots. Doctors are chickens so they send in the big guns, the nurses, to administer the shots. The nurse gave Gage a liquid vaccine first then followed that up with three very fast shots. He started crying immediately after she stuck him with the first. And he bled quite a bit from the third. I teared right up. I don't remember crying with Braeden so I'm not sure what came over me this time.

Once the bandaids were on, I scooped Gage and held him tight kissing his forehead. He calmed himself down pretty quickly and was even smiling when I got him dressed. Before the shots I gave him a dose of tylenol knowing he might run a fever or be really irritable. Whether it was the tylenol or a reaction to the vaccines, he slept most of the day away. His head was really hot around 4:00ish when he was awake to nurse so I gave him another dose of tylenol. I'm sure he'll be back to his normal self tomorrow. Just in time for MeMa's visit. :)

And we go back to the doctor in two more months for his next appointment. And more shots.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gage gets a bottle

Like a bad mommy, I didn't take any pictures of Gage's first bottle. I did take pictures of Gage's second bottle, so maybe we can just all pretend these are pictures of his first bottle!

Braeden is such a ham! He loves having his picture taken and he really loves looking at pictures of himself. Just look at that big smile.

Mat, on the other hand, hated that I was taking these pictures. He went so far as to make ugly faces at me when I asked him to smile. I reminded him how important this moment is and he stopped making faces. But he absolutely refused to smile! Oh well. The pictures are still sweet.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cute or not?

I LOVE shoes. Mat can attest to my obsession with shoes. He just doesn't understand why I would need so many pairs of black shoes. He doesn't get that each pair is different--casual, dressy, high heel or low, sandals, clogs, boots. But then I don't understand why he needs four pairs of sneakers!

And as much as I love shoes I HATE crocs.

I blame Mario Batali for their popularity. Mario and nurses. You can't visit a doctor's office or wander down a hospital hall without seeing those ugly things on the majority of nurses in colors to match their scrubs. They used to just make clogs but now it seems you can buy croc-boots, croc-sandals, croc-flip flops, croc-sheepskin clogs, and croc-ballet flats in every conceivable color.

Crocs make your feet look HUGE. Huge and bulbous like you're wearing clown shoes. Why would any woman purposely choose to do that to her feet? To look like a clown? And the worst part? These hideous things cost upwards of $30! This one with suede straps costs $70!!!

The only exception I'm willing to make to my all-encompassing hatred of crocs is for kids in crocs. The shoes are still ridiculous but they don't look as ridiculous on tiny feet. Maybe it's because you can put a kid in almost anything and they'll look cute. I don't know. A couple of Braeden's friends, namely Matthew and Makena, began wearing crocs to school last summer. Since you can hose them off when they get dirty, they seem like a good choice for little kids. But when I checked online, I found that the kids' crocs cost $25! Who spends that much money on a pair of shoes for a kid who will grow out of them in a few months time?

A couple weeks ago when we were at Target I saw some faux-crocs in the shoe section. I asked Braeden if he wanted a pair of clogs and he corrected me so cutely by saying, "Those aren't clogs, they're crocs!" Funny, right? He decided he liked them, so we bought them for $7.99, a much more appropriate price for kids shoes! All he's done so far is wear them around the house one time. It takes Bray a while to warm up to new shoes. When we bought the crocs, I wasn't sure if he'd ever leave the house in them. I didn't really care, though, because I was actually hoping he'd wear them inside like slippers since he doesn't seem to like to wear socks and I worry about his feet getting too cold.

Don't get me wrong...I still HATE crocs. But my kid looks cute in anything! Even a pair of the ugliest shoes known to man. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coming soon

Big changes are coming to Gage's room...when we're finished, I'll post pictures but here are some things to whet your appetite...

I looked at Target for a white bookcase and couldn't find one. But I did find a cube stacker unit by closetmaid that I thought would be sweet in Gage's room. Mat and I went Saturday and picked it up. Mat assembled it today and filled it with books, a couple fabric drawers to hold stuffed animals or other toys, and placed a lamp mom and dad gave us on top.

We rearranged the furniture too moving the crib and chair from Nanny into their permanent positions. Mat hung up Gage's framed footprints so it really feels like his room now. Apple dropped the price on their 1GB shuffle so I ordered one for Gage's room. The changing table is in our bedroom while Gage sleeps with us and I always play music when I change his diaper. Actually I try to always turn the music on when we're in the bedroom because I think he really likes it. But what's on my iPod isn't always suitable for Gage. The shuffle will be packed full of 240 (give-or-take) songs that are a little on the calmer side but still songs that Mat and I love.

What's left to do? The big things are to recover Nanny's chair and order Gage's name from WiseDecor and figure out where to put it. I'm thinking over the crib. When Gage starts sleeping upstairs, we'll move the changing table up there and adjust his crib to the right position. And we'll probably hang some other things on the walls like favorite pictures. Oh, and we'll need to hang up the beautiful letter 'G' that my former boss Pat gave me.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby toys

Braeden has A LOT of toys. Tons. He has toys in the kitchen--play food, pots and pans, a $3.99 lawnmower, his Christmas tool bench, and a bunch of coloring books and stickers. He has more toys in the living room--his ride-on John Deere Buck, doctor's kit, computer, Diego jeep and figures, matchbox cars, Mr. Potatohead, Giants football, and Brown Bear and Bingo games. He has still more toys upstairs in his bedroom--blocks, a helicopter, puzzles, and stuffed animals plus books. It's actually a little embarrassing to Mat and me just how many toys this kid has! In fact, when Braeden behaves badly at school and we take something away as punishment, it has little effect on Braeden because he has so much else to play with.

But even with all these toys, good toys, age-appropriate toys, he LOVES Gage's things! He likes to play with the baby swing (which was Braeden's first) and with the silver rattle Gage got as a gift at my work shower from a member of Elon's Board of Visitors. Braeden loves to shake it and hear it rattle. I've already posted the pictures of Braeden on the play gym. And yesterday I showed off Gage sitting in his new bumbo...

Well, the second Bray walked in the door last night and saw the bumbo he had to sit in it. I didn't think he would fit because I've read message board posts from moms whose babies have gotten too big to fit, but sure enough, Braeden fits fine in the bumbo. See? He couldn't even be bothered to put his sweatshirt away (see it on the floor to his right)and hadn't even washed his hands yet (yuck!).

As I was making dinner last night I heard Braeden messing around behind me. When I finally had a chance to check on him, this is what I found! Braeden sitting in Gage's bumbo on top of Gage's play gym and no Gage in sight!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Gage has become quite the cuddle-bug lately. Last Saturday morning Braeden got up much earlier than we would have liked. Mat, great guy that he is, got up with him leaving Gage and me in bed. Gage woke up too and wouldn't settle down next to me on the bed so I picked him and laid him on my chest. He calmed right down and fell asleep almost immediately. I was wide awake, but lying there with this warm, sweet baby on my chest lulled me right back to sleep. We stayed there just like that for more than two hours.

The last couple days he hasn't settled down very well in his swing or chair so I've been holding him. Yesterday I wrapped him up in my Moby and did a couple things in the kitchen until he fell asleep. I've read that wearing your baby for a few hours each day can cut down on fussiness later. Babywearing is actually one of the seven components of attachment parenting. Dr. Sears, who coined the practice, says that wearing your baby leads to a baby who cries less and learns more which leads to smarter babies!

Before I had Braeden (and while I was home with him on maternity leave) I read a lot of parenting books. Every one of them advocated something different. Get the baby on a schedule immediately...Don't live by the clock, let your baby set the pace...and on and on and on.

It didn't take me long to realize there were thousands upon thousands of childrearing strategies and each of them contradicted each other. And all along it turns out I was practicing attachment parenting. I just didn't know it had a name.

By the way, Gage is in the Moby now. He's sleeping and I'm blogging and watching Monk. Good times.

Oh, I bought a bumbo today at Target. Steve and Robin (Mat's dad's cousin in AZ) sent a Target gift card way back before we had the baby and I knew I would use it to buy a bumbo when Gage was hold enough. I decided today he was old enough. He holds his head up really well which is the criteria for using the bumbo. I put him in it for a couple minutes today, long enough to snap some cute pictures.

Gage is also wearing rattle socks! They make his feet look HUGE but it's so cute to hear the rattle when he shakes his little feet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Please know that I know my video skills are sad. But you can't lay all the blame for this shaky video on me...Baby Gage was kicking my camera-holding arm while I was shooting this. To be honest, he kicked me a couple times but the rest of it was my fault. I guess I need to concentrate better or prop my arm so it's less shaky next time. I'll do better; I promise.

Anyway, Gage is a sweetheart. He loves to laugh. I catch him sometimes smiling and laughing at nothing and it cracks me up. So enjoy a little Gage.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bray's new game

Braeden has a silly new game he likes to play. Keep in mind this is a kid who is routinely getting into trouble at school for being disruptive during naptime and who won't take a nap for us on the weekends. But for some reason, his new game is to pretend to be asleep then to wake up all refreshed. He lays down and it's especially good if he can be covered up. He scrunches his eyes up tight and tries really hard not to smile. A few minutes later he pops up and sings, "Good morning!" Adorable.

Here's a picture of Braeden "asleep" in our bed with Gage next to him.

Last night I asked Mat to take this picture of Gage and me. I take 9 out of 10 of the photos in this house so there are very few of me. I prefer it this way, always have, but I promised myself when I had Braeden that I would make an effort to be in some of the pictures too. Oh, and for those who have been wondering, my hair looks pretty good. I can't get it as straight or sleek as the stylist but I'm doing okay. In case anyone was wondering, I think it's all thanks to the Paul Mitchell serum I've been using. It smells fantastic and makes my hair shinier. Now if it would just cover up the gray hairs I keep finding...

Fun new toy

There's A LOT of cool stuff out there and I have Gage to thank for finding it. If I wasn't home on maternity leave with time on my hands, I wouldn't be reading so many new blogs or spending time reading and posting on message boards. This is one of the things I found and I love it! Just click the thumbnails to see the next picture in the series. And don't forget to click to the second page of pictures (click on the 2 under the thumbnails). Fun, right?

This one is more of a test than anything else. Now that I know it works (and I assume everyone will love it), I'll probably use it pretty often. The beauty of it is that I usually take a ton of pictures and then just post one or two of the best. This way, you guys can see ALL the pictures (because one or two is never enough, right?) but they won't take up a ton of space so you won't have to keep scrolling down, down, down. See? Aren't I the most considerate blogger?

And don't worry, this tool will show up on Braeden's blog too!


Spring is coming to North Carolina...look at these crocuses!

Two years ago I went bulb-crazy and planted a few dozen tulips and added a bunch of daffodils to the front bed then planted crocuses in the back around the pillars holding up our deck. Well, by planted I mean Mat dug a couple holes, really deep ones, and we dumped the teensy-tiny crocus bulbs in them. I really never thought much would come of them since the holes were so deep.

My daffodils are starting to pop up in the front, including the handful that never got moved when we dug up the front a couple years ago. I went around back, just to see, and sure enough, there were crocuses! Too funny.
Here's a close-up of the tiny crocuses. They're just so sweet. Since the holes were really deep they're only about two inches tall. And that includes the blooms! Shouldn't have dug those holes so deep. Oh well.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


What do you think?

I found scrapblog a few weeks ago (thanks to the moms on the December '07 BabyCenter message board) and, like Emily, got a little obsessive. Once you start building a page it's hard to stop. It doesn't take long to build the page, but then you can spend forever making slight adjustments which is what I did tonight before finally settling on this. I love the pictures and think the polka-dot ribbon is super-cute.

I changed the background colors and dumped the age ticker. It was bugging me that they measured Gage's age in months, weeks, and days. To me, Gage is seven weeks old. He's not one month, two weeks and three days or whatever the ticker said. So, that's gone. And I hope noone misses it too much!

Anyway, it's a work in progress. :) Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you pay attention, you'll probably spot more changes over the next week or so. I won't announce them, so keep your eyes open.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snow Angel

Out of nowhere last night it started snowing! It had been raining during the day, windy and cold too, but none of the weather guys had been predicting snow. Around 10:00 when Mat was walking around the house with Gage he looked out the window and realized it was snowing. We actually got about two inches of snow, enough to completely cover the ground for the first time this year.

We've had snow this year but for Braeden it was like this was the first snow of his life. He was adorable this morning! I woke up just as Mat was telling Bray it was time to get his shoes on for school. I hopped out of bed, threw my bathrobe on over my pjs and shoved my feet in my boots (no time for socks!). Mat put Gage in his chair and I headed outside with Braeden. He seemed a little concerned when we first got outside, like he wasn't sure what to do.

We went down the stairs and I told him he could touch the snow and throw it around. Bray squatted down at the edge of our sidewalk and wiped his hand across the top of the snow. He giggled but then he realized his hand was wet and cold. He did NOT like this, not one little bit. I told him he could wipe his hand on my bathrobe(what are moms for??) then helped him into his mittens. He went back to his position and began scooping up snow and tossing it around.

When this got old, he tromped through the snow kicking at it and laughing. This was fun until the snow kicked up onto his legs under his pants. He loved stomping on the driveway to knock the snow off his shoes before getting into daddy's car!

All in all, Bray loved the snow this morning! The day care didn't open until 8:00, so Mat and Bray got a late start to their day. Luckily it was Thursday and Mat didn't have a morning class to get to, just an appointment for his allergy shots and an oil change for his Mazda. It was nice, too, because it gave me a few minutes to enjoy the snow with Braeden and capture the moment for everyone else. While I was outside taking these pictures one of our neighbors down the road came out to take pictures of her snow-covered house. It made me think how different this morning would be if we still lived in NY. I still would have taken pictures of Bray enjoying the snow but this would have happened in October or November last year. He would have had a lot MORE snow to play with and more appropriate winter weather gear to wear (his mittens are at least two sizes too big!). If we lived in NY I would have bought him snow boots to wear with his pants tucked in. What's really ironic is that I was talking to my sister last night...she and her husband had the day off from work due to snow. Jeremy was outside shoveling the driveway while we chatted. I laughed and told her how mild it was here and let her know spring was almost here. (My daffodils have started to pop out of the ground!) And then 3 hours later it was snowing here. Karma anyone?

The other big difference between NC snow days and NY snow days? Our snow was almost entirely melted by the end of the day! It's a really good thing I dragged myself out of bed this morning to get these pictures. I would have missed it otherwise.

Hearts and Snow

It snowed last night!! It was a total suprise. Mat was holding Gage and walking him around the house when he noticed it around 10:00 last night. We got about two inches, enough to completely cover the grass for the first time this year. I took a few pictures last night while it was snowing and more this morning when Braeden and I went out to play in the snow. I'll post them on B's blog later. For now, I've got pictures of my little Valentine. :)

One of my phoners from Ithaca College gave me this onesie three years ago for Braeden. On our Mac I have pictures of Braeden wearing this onesie. Sometime I'll dig them out and give you a side-by-side comparison of the two.

I had just nursed Gage and we were getting ready to run out for a couple errands. Gage was in a very smily mood when I snapped these shots. In the second pic it looks like he's reaching out to give me a hug.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bathing beauty

Since Gage lost his umbilical cord stump around his four-week birthday Mat has been giving him real baths. We started in the sink but that was awkward and difficult, so Mat pulled out Braeden's baby tub and moved the whole operation upstairs.

Usually bathtime takes place while I'm doing something else--making dinner, taking a shower, or out running errands or at an appointment. But tonight bathtime happened after dinner and before Bray's bath, and I was able to watch. And more importantly, take pictures of the whole thing for all of you!

He started out screaming!

But he calmed down a couple minutes in to show off his sweeter side.

I know I've said he's getting fatter but I also know it's hard to tell in pictures when he's covered up in clothes or by a blanket. Here's your chance to see this chunky monkey for yourself. Look at those fingers! Those arms!! Those cheeks!!! And would ya look at those big blue eyes?!

Finally out of the tub and wrapped in a towel...that face...sigh.

I think these might be my most favorite pictures of Gage so far. He's just too precious to me for words. I am so lucky twice-over to have two such special boys.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things he learned at school

Braeden is famous for mimicking the things he hears people say. He only needs to hear something a few times before he's got it down almost perfect. Occasionally he gets the line a little bit wrong...

He's got a 3-D viewfinder that also has sound. On one of the discs there's a spongebob scene and you hear Spongebob say, "It's all in the technique." Braeden is convinced he says, "It's all in the picnic!" Cracks me up every time!

More often than not, Braeden gets it right and it's especially funny to hear some very adult things come out of his mouth. Here's one of my favorites...

"Mommy, when I call your name, tell me what color this is." Then he flashes a playing card at me or a card from his Thomas card set. We figure his teachers play some kind of learning game with the kids at school and that's where Braeden picked this line up. He's just so sweet!

When the kids are misbehaving at school one of the teachers, Teresa, threatens the kids with her mad face. When we start to get annoyed with him for not listening or talking back, Braeden asks us if we're going to put our mad face on. When we're playing around, I ask to see his mad face and it's adorable! Of course Braeden knows it too.

They're working on teaching the kids manners too. "We don't say gimme" is frequently heard in our house thanks to his teachers at school. "We don't say stupid" is another of the lessons they're learning. Of course, this doesn't apply when we talk about baseball. I taught Braeden that "baseball is stupid" over the summer! :)

Braeden also picks stuff up from us or from the TV or radio. His new thing tonight was to say that Tristan (a friend from school) is Barack Obama. He probably heard Mat and me talking about the election; with all the primaries, it's been a hot topic for us. I guess I'll have to teach him Hillary Clinton!

He thinks it's funny to say say it right, you really have to drawl out the 102 part. It's a local radio station Mat listens to sometimes in the car. The other local station is 96Rock. Lately Braeden's been saying, "Go to 96 and whack the badger." Mat says it's part of an ad for a local Lexus dealer. I have no idea.

Maybe I'll shoot some video of the tell me what color this is game and post it. I'll also keep you posted on future Braeden-isms!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gage's beautiful room

We had a great day today! Emily brought Big Will and Dana to the house around noon. We went right upstairs to Gage's room and Dana got right down to business setting up the bedding she had made for Gage. Emily and I exchanged babies and plopped down on the floor to watch her work. (Dana and Emily both swore she preferred it that way!)

It was so strange to hold Will. I'm used to Gage and his floppiness. Will is solid and firm. He sat right up on my knee with his back and head held completely straight. He looked around, watched Dana work, and smiled almost the entire time. He hasn't rolled over yet, so we put him down on his tummy and placed a bear just out of reach to tempt him. No luck. And when he got frustrated, I picked him right up for a quick cuddle. I'm a softie!

Gage's room looks amazing now. Having his bedding and curtains in place has really inspired me to hang things up and work to get Nanny's chair recovered in coordinating fabric. And I know Gage's room won't be complete without a bookcase.

Here's a close-up shot of the paisley fabric that's inside the box pleat on the bedskirt. This paisley fabric also appears in the box pleat and a strip of welting on the valences.

Gage is a lucky little boy to sleep in such a beautiful crib under this special and soft blanket his Me Ma knit for him. It goes perfectly with the bedding!

The curtains and bedding help to tone down the brightness of the yellow walls.

There was extra fabric leftover which Dana returned to me. Cute, right?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fatty Patty

Happy six-week birthday, baby Gage! To celebrate, we went to see Tanya for my follow-up appointment. I feel fine and I have proof to back that up now.

Then we had lunch with daddy and showed Gage off to his colleagues who LOVE babies.

And finally, we capped off our day with a trip to the pediatrician to check Gage's weight. I stripped him down and changed his diaper so its weight wouldn't screw up Gage's reading. Before I put him on the scale the nurse asked how much I was hoping for...9 pounds sounded just right to me. And I was dead on. Gage now weighs exactly 9 pounds!

For comparison's sake, Braeden weighed just 8 lbs 6 oz at his 8-week check-up. It's amazing how different two babies grow, especially when one isn't debilitated by a bad case of reflux.

Tomorrow we're spending time with Emily, Will, and her stepmom Dana who made the bedding for Gage's room. I can't wait to see it! I will definitely post pictures when it's all together. I'm not sure if I'm more excited to see the bedding or to see Will again. I haven't seen him since my shower at the end of November. The photos and videos on Will's blog are great, but I'm really looking forward to holding this kid for myself and hearing his laugh in person.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've always been amazed at the way kids can sleep anywhere, through any commotion. I love seeing a parent carry a sleeping toddler through a mall or hold a sleeping kid in their lap during a concert or a fireworks display!

Tonight Mat gave Gage his first bottle of breastmilk. If you're nursing you need to wait at least four weeks to give a baby his first bottle until you're sure you won't screw with the kid's ability to nurse. But you can't wait too long or you run the risk the kid will never take a bottle. Since Gage is almost six weeks now, we figured it was time. The other rule to introducing the bottle is that the mom not be the one to do it. I prepared the bottle and Mat gave it to Gage tonight for his 10:00 feeding. I wasn't sure how much to give him since I had read contradictory formulas for deciding how much milk was enough. Gage sucked down four ounces. It must have been enough because it's been 4 to 4.5 hours and he's still sleeping soundly.

On the bad mommy front, I have pictures of Mat giving Braeden his first bottle but none of Gage's first bottle. I do have this picture though. Here's Gage conked out in his chair. If you don't notice it, I took the picture because his cheek is being held up by his paccy. It can't be comfortable having a piece of plastic poking you in the cheek, but look at that face. Tell me he doesn't look perfectly comfortable, totally asleep!

We are the champions!

I had to go to the Food Lion this afternoon for bacon to make this salmon with lentils recipe from Emeril. I am so not an Emeril fan but this recipe was worth it. If you like salmon and lentils (and who doesn't??), give this a shot sometime.

Anyway, Gage and I were standing in line to buy the bacon (I always forget to buy something crucial for the recipe and have to make that last-minute trip to the store...actually, I usually send Mat!) and I saw they had two helium balloons tied to the register. The balloons were shaped like footballs, one for the Giants and one for that other team. :)

I asked the woman who checked me out and she gave me the Giants balloon. I'm pretty certain this gets me nominated for mother-of-the-year in Braeden's book. He was so excited to see it when he got home from school today.

I brought the balloon home tied to Gage's car seat. He is the Giants number two fan after all!

Braeden did show his team pride Monday by wearing his Giants gear to school. I just didn't get a chance to take a picture that night. Hopefully this will suffice to show that he represents. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this picture say it all? Well, no, it doesn't. Because this picture is cute and right now, we're in the bragging stage. The rub-it-in-their-faces stage. The high fives and buy someone a drink stage. The e-mail your NE students and rub their faces in it stage.

Suck it, New England! The NY Giants WON the Super Bowl! No perfect season for the supposedly unstoppable Patriots. The underdog Giants took home the trophy!

Rock on.

Tomorrow Braeden will wear his Giants gear to school and I'll post a picture on his blog. Maybe by then I'll have something more rational to say. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to be the bigger person. Maybe I'll even be able to comment in a rational way about tonight's game.

And maybe pigs will fly.

The Giants won the Super Bowl! And Phil Simms is going to Disneyworld! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everyone's turning three!

Saturday afternoon we were invited to Carson's birthday party. Carson's grandmother Ooma lives on our street (the house at the end with the geese lawn ornaments Braeden likes to sit on). Carson used to go to Braeden's school but his parents switched him to a different one (something we didn't know until the party). Carson was turning three and his party was at the Little Gym so it was similar to Matthew's party at Kidsport. Mat and I didn't think the Little Gym was as fun. The stuff they had out for the kids to do seemed more basic and was more stationary. At Matthew's party, they changed the activities around more setting up different courses for the kids to play on. At the Little Gym, the activities were stationary so the kids spent the whole time doing basically the same things.

The party was at 1:00 and there were about 15 kids there. Aside from Carson and Braeden's favorite neighbor friend Natasha, we didn't know anyone there. Since Carson switched day cares I figured they were kids from his new school. I had assumed Braeden would know a bunch of the kids, so I felt bad for him. And he was not eager to join in or play. He grabbed hold of my leg and wouldn't let go as soon as we walked in the door!

The first 10 minutes or so of the party were devoted to free play. Braeden wouldn't budge from my lap though. Then the instructors led the kids in a fireman game before hauling out a garbage can full of balls. It was the balls that finally got Braeden's attention. After a little encouragement from me, he ran over to get two balls. He, and all the other kids, spent the next 5 minutes throwing balls around and at each other.

After the balls were put away, they pulled out a parachute (just like at Matthew's party) except this time Braeden wanted to join in. Most of the pictures I got were of the parachute instead of the kid holding the parachute, but I got a couple.

The kids are supposed to be jumping on the bubbles, the air pockets on top of the parachute, but Braeden just stood there. It took him a minute or two to get with the program and stomp around. Once he did, he thought the parachute was lots of fun!

After the parachute, they did some more free play on the stuff set up. There were just a few activities that Braeden wanted to do. He would climb up a set of foam stairs to a balance beam, walk across the beam, and jump to the mat below. He would not walk the beam without my hand to hold. Then there were a couple sets of parallel bars that he liked to hang from. I got this great picture of him swinging from the bars.

Mat held Gage during the party and I played with Braeden with Braeden. They finished off the party with cake then Carson opened an INSANE mountain of presents. Gage couldn't wait so I nursed him while the kids ate cake. Mat very nicely agreed to take both boys home so I could get my nails done after the party. When I got home, I made dinner with Gage in the peanut shell sling. I LOVE my sling. I especially love that I got it on ebay for about $15 less than I would have paid on their site. Gage loves the sling too!

Friday, February 1, 2008


After taking those cute pictures of Gage smiling at me, I decided to try out my camera's video feature.

I really love my camera. Mat picked it out (because I'm lousy with electronics) and gave it to me for Christmas last year. Lousy by choice, really, because I just don't care to devote any thought or attention to thinking about the details of mega pixels or battery life. He loved the camera enough to buy a newer, smaller, and slightly better version for himself this year for his birthday/Christmas present.

I love the pictures my camera takes and I can't believe I never tried shooting video with it before. It was easy and even easier to export from the camera to my computer. It's taking forever to upload to blogger but it also takes forever and a day to upload video from the camcorder to the computer and even longer to upload to youtube.

Anyway, nothing exciting happens in this video but I figured everyone would enjoy seeing Gage in motion.

Just melts my heart

My baby has started smiling.

Would you look at this kid? He's just so damn sweet.