Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby toys

Braeden has A LOT of toys. Tons. He has toys in the kitchen--play food, pots and pans, a $3.99 lawnmower, his Christmas tool bench, and a bunch of coloring books and stickers. He has more toys in the living room--his ride-on John Deere Buck, doctor's kit, computer, Diego jeep and figures, matchbox cars, Mr. Potatohead, Giants football, and Brown Bear and Bingo games. He has still more toys upstairs in his bedroom--blocks, a helicopter, puzzles, and stuffed animals plus books. It's actually a little embarrassing to Mat and me just how many toys this kid has! In fact, when Braeden behaves badly at school and we take something away as punishment, it has little effect on Braeden because he has so much else to play with.

But even with all these toys, good toys, age-appropriate toys, he LOVES Gage's things! He likes to play with the baby swing (which was Braeden's first) and with the silver rattle Gage got as a gift at my work shower from a member of Elon's Board of Visitors. Braeden loves to shake it and hear it rattle. I've already posted the pictures of Braeden on the play gym. And yesterday I showed off Gage sitting in his new bumbo...

Well, the second Bray walked in the door last night and saw the bumbo he had to sit in it. I didn't think he would fit because I've read message board posts from moms whose babies have gotten too big to fit, but sure enough, Braeden fits fine in the bumbo. See? He couldn't even be bothered to put his sweatshirt away (see it on the floor to his right)and hadn't even washed his hands yet (yuck!).

As I was making dinner last night I heard Braeden messing around behind me. When I finally had a chance to check on him, this is what I found! Braeden sitting in Gage's bumbo on top of Gage's play gym and no Gage in sight!

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Me-ma said...

The grass is always greener! And he looks adorable, no harm, no foul, as long as he's not sitting on baby Gage.