Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bathing beauty

Since Gage lost his umbilical cord stump around his four-week birthday Mat has been giving him real baths. We started in the sink but that was awkward and difficult, so Mat pulled out Braeden's baby tub and moved the whole operation upstairs.

Usually bathtime takes place while I'm doing something else--making dinner, taking a shower, or out running errands or at an appointment. But tonight bathtime happened after dinner and before Bray's bath, and I was able to watch. And more importantly, take pictures of the whole thing for all of you!

He started out screaming!

But he calmed down a couple minutes in to show off his sweeter side.

I know I've said he's getting fatter but I also know it's hard to tell in pictures when he's covered up in clothes or by a blanket. Here's your chance to see this chunky monkey for yourself. Look at those fingers! Those arms!! Those cheeks!!! And would ya look at those big blue eyes?!

Finally out of the tub and wrapped in a towel...that face...sigh.

I think these might be my most favorite pictures of Gage so far. He's just too precious to me for words. I am so lucky twice-over to have two such special boys.


Emily said...

yep...i'm with you. they are my fave pictures of him so far. he's just getting so alert! i love how chunky he is getting! he looks like braeden does NOW not necessarily like when braeden was a baby.


Me-ma said...

He is the sweetest in his little bathtub and so alert and looks like he enjoys the bath! I think he looks so healthy. He looks like a perfect little baby!