Monday, February 18, 2008

Bray's new game

Braeden has a silly new game he likes to play. Keep in mind this is a kid who is routinely getting into trouble at school for being disruptive during naptime and who won't take a nap for us on the weekends. But for some reason, his new game is to pretend to be asleep then to wake up all refreshed. He lays down and it's especially good if he can be covered up. He scrunches his eyes up tight and tries really hard not to smile. A few minutes later he pops up and sings, "Good morning!" Adorable.

Here's a picture of Braeden "asleep" in our bed with Gage next to him.

Last night I asked Mat to take this picture of Gage and me. I take 9 out of 10 of the photos in this house so there are very few of me. I prefer it this way, always have, but I promised myself when I had Braeden that I would make an effort to be in some of the pictures too. Oh, and for those who have been wondering, my hair looks pretty good. I can't get it as straight or sleek as the stylist but I'm doing okay. In case anyone was wondering, I think it's all thanks to the Paul Mitchell serum I've been using. It smells fantastic and makes my hair shinier. Now if it would just cover up the gray hairs I keep finding...

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Me-ma said...

This is a wonderful picture! I am going to export it and print it right away! Thank you so much for making the great effort to be in the photo -- I know exactly what you are saying since we all know I am the picture taker in our family!!