Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coming soon

Big changes are coming to Gage's room...when we're finished, I'll post pictures but here are some things to whet your appetite...

I looked at Target for a white bookcase and couldn't find one. But I did find a cube stacker unit by closetmaid that I thought would be sweet in Gage's room. Mat and I went Saturday and picked it up. Mat assembled it today and filled it with books, a couple fabric drawers to hold stuffed animals or other toys, and placed a lamp mom and dad gave us on top.

We rearranged the furniture too moving the crib and chair from Nanny into their permanent positions. Mat hung up Gage's framed footprints so it really feels like his room now. Apple dropped the price on their 1GB shuffle so I ordered one for Gage's room. The changing table is in our bedroom while Gage sleeps with us and I always play music when I change his diaper. Actually I try to always turn the music on when we're in the bedroom because I think he really likes it. But what's on my iPod isn't always suitable for Gage. The shuffle will be packed full of 240 (give-or-take) songs that are a little on the calmer side but still songs that Mat and I love.

What's left to do? The big things are to recover Nanny's chair and order Gage's name from WiseDecor and figure out where to put it. I'm thinking over the crib. When Gage starts sleeping upstairs, we'll move the changing table up there and adjust his crib to the right position. And we'll probably hang some other things on the walls like favorite pictures. Oh, and we'll need to hang up the beautiful letter 'G' that my former boss Pat gave me.

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