Monday, February 25, 2008

Cute or not?

I LOVE shoes. Mat can attest to my obsession with shoes. He just doesn't understand why I would need so many pairs of black shoes. He doesn't get that each pair is different--casual, dressy, high heel or low, sandals, clogs, boots. But then I don't understand why he needs four pairs of sneakers!

And as much as I love shoes I HATE crocs.

I blame Mario Batali for their popularity. Mario and nurses. You can't visit a doctor's office or wander down a hospital hall without seeing those ugly things on the majority of nurses in colors to match their scrubs. They used to just make clogs but now it seems you can buy croc-boots, croc-sandals, croc-flip flops, croc-sheepskin clogs, and croc-ballet flats in every conceivable color.

Crocs make your feet look HUGE. Huge and bulbous like you're wearing clown shoes. Why would any woman purposely choose to do that to her feet? To look like a clown? And the worst part? These hideous things cost upwards of $30! This one with suede straps costs $70!!!

The only exception I'm willing to make to my all-encompassing hatred of crocs is for kids in crocs. The shoes are still ridiculous but they don't look as ridiculous on tiny feet. Maybe it's because you can put a kid in almost anything and they'll look cute. I don't know. A couple of Braeden's friends, namely Matthew and Makena, began wearing crocs to school last summer. Since you can hose them off when they get dirty, they seem like a good choice for little kids. But when I checked online, I found that the kids' crocs cost $25! Who spends that much money on a pair of shoes for a kid who will grow out of them in a few months time?

A couple weeks ago when we were at Target I saw some faux-crocs in the shoe section. I asked Braeden if he wanted a pair of clogs and he corrected me so cutely by saying, "Those aren't clogs, they're crocs!" Funny, right? He decided he liked them, so we bought them for $7.99, a much more appropriate price for kids shoes! All he's done so far is wear them around the house one time. It takes Bray a while to warm up to new shoes. When we bought the crocs, I wasn't sure if he'd ever leave the house in them. I didn't really care, though, because I was actually hoping he'd wear them inside like slippers since he doesn't seem to like to wear socks and I worry about his feet getting too cold.

Don't get me wrong...I still HATE crocs. But my kid looks cute in anything! Even a pair of the ugliest shoes known to man. :)


Emily said...

I totally agree.. with EVERYTHING you said.

Crocs for kids, good. crocs for adults, bad, bad, bad.


Mareike said...

I'll give you ugly but as someone who had been experiencing incredible foot pain crocs have been a life saver (I'm no longer in tears on my way home.) They sure look cute on Braeden though.

Me-ma said...

Crocs and the NY giants shirt -- what else is new!!