Saturday, February 2, 2008

Everyone's turning three!

Saturday afternoon we were invited to Carson's birthday party. Carson's grandmother Ooma lives on our street (the house at the end with the geese lawn ornaments Braeden likes to sit on). Carson used to go to Braeden's school but his parents switched him to a different one (something we didn't know until the party). Carson was turning three and his party was at the Little Gym so it was similar to Matthew's party at Kidsport. Mat and I didn't think the Little Gym was as fun. The stuff they had out for the kids to do seemed more basic and was more stationary. At Matthew's party, they changed the activities around more setting up different courses for the kids to play on. At the Little Gym, the activities were stationary so the kids spent the whole time doing basically the same things.

The party was at 1:00 and there were about 15 kids there. Aside from Carson and Braeden's favorite neighbor friend Natasha, we didn't know anyone there. Since Carson switched day cares I figured they were kids from his new school. I had assumed Braeden would know a bunch of the kids, so I felt bad for him. And he was not eager to join in or play. He grabbed hold of my leg and wouldn't let go as soon as we walked in the door!

The first 10 minutes or so of the party were devoted to free play. Braeden wouldn't budge from my lap though. Then the instructors led the kids in a fireman game before hauling out a garbage can full of balls. It was the balls that finally got Braeden's attention. After a little encouragement from me, he ran over to get two balls. He, and all the other kids, spent the next 5 minutes throwing balls around and at each other.

After the balls were put away, they pulled out a parachute (just like at Matthew's party) except this time Braeden wanted to join in. Most of the pictures I got were of the parachute instead of the kid holding the parachute, but I got a couple.

The kids are supposed to be jumping on the bubbles, the air pockets on top of the parachute, but Braeden just stood there. It took him a minute or two to get with the program and stomp around. Once he did, he thought the parachute was lots of fun!

After the parachute, they did some more free play on the stuff set up. There were just a few activities that Braeden wanted to do. He would climb up a set of foam stairs to a balance beam, walk across the beam, and jump to the mat below. He would not walk the beam without my hand to hold. Then there were a couple sets of parallel bars that he liked to hang from. I got this great picture of him swinging from the bars.

Mat held Gage during the party and I played with Braeden with Braeden. They finished off the party with cake then Carson opened an INSANE mountain of presents. Gage couldn't wait so I nursed him while the kids ate cake. Mat very nicely agreed to take both boys home so I could get my nails done after the party. When I got home, I made dinner with Gage in the peanut shell sling. I LOVE my sling. I especially love that I got it on ebay for about $15 less than I would have paid on their site. Gage loves the sling too!

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