Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun new toy

There's A LOT of cool stuff out there and I have Gage to thank for finding it. If I wasn't home on maternity leave with time on my hands, I wouldn't be reading so many new blogs or spending time reading and posting on message boards. This is one of the things I found and I love it! Just click the thumbnails to see the next picture in the series. And don't forget to click to the second page of pictures (click on the 2 under the thumbnails). Fun, right?

This one is more of a test than anything else. Now that I know it works (and I assume everyone will love it), I'll probably use it pretty often. The beauty of it is that I usually take a ton of pictures and then just post one or two of the best. This way, you guys can see ALL the pictures (because one or two is never enough, right?) but they won't take up a ton of space so you won't have to keep scrolling down, down, down. See? Aren't I the most considerate blogger?

And don't worry, this tool will show up on Braeden's blog too!

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