Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gage's beautiful room

We had a great day today! Emily brought Big Will and Dana to the house around noon. We went right upstairs to Gage's room and Dana got right down to business setting up the bedding she had made for Gage. Emily and I exchanged babies and plopped down on the floor to watch her work. (Dana and Emily both swore she preferred it that way!)

It was so strange to hold Will. I'm used to Gage and his floppiness. Will is solid and firm. He sat right up on my knee with his back and head held completely straight. He looked around, watched Dana work, and smiled almost the entire time. He hasn't rolled over yet, so we put him down on his tummy and placed a bear just out of reach to tempt him. No luck. And when he got frustrated, I picked him right up for a quick cuddle. I'm a softie!

Gage's room looks amazing now. Having his bedding and curtains in place has really inspired me to hang things up and work to get Nanny's chair recovered in coordinating fabric. And I know Gage's room won't be complete without a bookcase.

Here's a close-up shot of the paisley fabric that's inside the box pleat on the bedskirt. This paisley fabric also appears in the box pleat and a strip of welting on the valences.

Gage is a lucky little boy to sleep in such a beautiful crib under this special and soft blanket his Me Ma knit for him. It goes perfectly with the bedding!

The curtains and bedding help to tone down the brightness of the yellow walls.

There was extra fabric leftover which Dana returned to me. Cute, right?


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the styles at Serena & Lily?

They are really similar -- nice collection!

Me-ma said...

Gage's new room looks so cute, I want to take a nap there myself! He's a lucky little baby to have such a nice ensemble of bedding and curtains.

Emily said...

pretty! I love that she did the paisley on the inside of the pleat of the bedskirt..did y'all discuss that or did she just do it?