Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've always been amazed at the way kids can sleep anywhere, through any commotion. I love seeing a parent carry a sleeping toddler through a mall or hold a sleeping kid in their lap during a concert or a fireworks display!

Tonight Mat gave Gage his first bottle of breastmilk. If you're nursing you need to wait at least four weeks to give a baby his first bottle until you're sure you won't screw with the kid's ability to nurse. But you can't wait too long or you run the risk the kid will never take a bottle. Since Gage is almost six weeks now, we figured it was time. The other rule to introducing the bottle is that the mom not be the one to do it. I prepared the bottle and Mat gave it to Gage tonight for his 10:00 feeding. I wasn't sure how much to give him since I had read contradictory formulas for deciding how much milk was enough. Gage sucked down four ounces. It must have been enough because it's been 4 to 4.5 hours and he's still sleeping soundly.

On the bad mommy front, I have pictures of Mat giving Braeden his first bottle but none of Gage's first bottle. I do have this picture though. Here's Gage conked out in his chair. If you don't notice it, I took the picture because his cheek is being held up by his paccy. It can't be comfortable having a piece of plastic poking you in the cheek, but look at that face. Tell me he doesn't look perfectly comfortable, totally asleep!

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Me-ma wants to kiss that little face!