Friday, February 22, 2008


Gage has become quite the cuddle-bug lately. Last Saturday morning Braeden got up much earlier than we would have liked. Mat, great guy that he is, got up with him leaving Gage and me in bed. Gage woke up too and wouldn't settle down next to me on the bed so I picked him and laid him on my chest. He calmed right down and fell asleep almost immediately. I was wide awake, but lying there with this warm, sweet baby on my chest lulled me right back to sleep. We stayed there just like that for more than two hours.

The last couple days he hasn't settled down very well in his swing or chair so I've been holding him. Yesterday I wrapped him up in my Moby and did a couple things in the kitchen until he fell asleep. I've read that wearing your baby for a few hours each day can cut down on fussiness later. Babywearing is actually one of the seven components of attachment parenting. Dr. Sears, who coined the practice, says that wearing your baby leads to a baby who cries less and learns more which leads to smarter babies!

Before I had Braeden (and while I was home with him on maternity leave) I read a lot of parenting books. Every one of them advocated something different. Get the baby on a schedule immediately...Don't live by the clock, let your baby set the pace...and on and on and on.

It didn't take me long to realize there were thousands upon thousands of childrearing strategies and each of them contradicted each other. And all along it turns out I was practicing attachment parenting. I just didn't know it had a name.

By the way, Gage is in the Moby now. He's sleeping and I'm blogging and watching Monk. Good times.

Oh, I bought a bumbo today at Target. Steve and Robin (Mat's dad's cousin in AZ) sent a Target gift card way back before we had the baby and I knew I would use it to buy a bumbo when Gage was hold enough. I decided today he was old enough. He holds his head up really well which is the criteria for using the bumbo. I put him in it for a couple minutes today, long enough to snap some cute pictures.

Gage is also wearing rattle socks! They make his feet look HUGE but it's so cute to hear the rattle when he shakes his little feet.

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