Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things he learned at school

Braeden is famous for mimicking the things he hears people say. He only needs to hear something a few times before he's got it down almost perfect. Occasionally he gets the line a little bit wrong...

He's got a 3-D viewfinder that also has sound. On one of the discs there's a spongebob scene and you hear Spongebob say, "It's all in the technique." Braeden is convinced he says, "It's all in the picnic!" Cracks me up every time!

More often than not, Braeden gets it right and it's especially funny to hear some very adult things come out of his mouth. Here's one of my favorites...

"Mommy, when I call your name, tell me what color this is." Then he flashes a playing card at me or a card from his Thomas card set. We figure his teachers play some kind of learning game with the kids at school and that's where Braeden picked this line up. He's just so sweet!

When the kids are misbehaving at school one of the teachers, Teresa, threatens the kids with her mad face. When we start to get annoyed with him for not listening or talking back, Braeden asks us if we're going to put our mad face on. When we're playing around, I ask to see his mad face and it's adorable! Of course Braeden knows it too.

They're working on teaching the kids manners too. "We don't say gimme" is frequently heard in our house thanks to his teachers at school. "We don't say stupid" is another of the lessons they're learning. Of course, this doesn't apply when we talk about baseball. I taught Braeden that "baseball is stupid" over the summer! :)

Braeden also picks stuff up from us or from the TV or radio. His new thing tonight was to say that Tristan (a friend from school) is Barack Obama. He probably heard Mat and me talking about the election; with all the primaries, it's been a hot topic for us. I guess I'll have to teach him Hillary Clinton!

He thinks it's funny to say say it right, you really have to drawl out the 102 part. It's a local radio station Mat listens to sometimes in the car. The other local station is 96Rock. Lately Braeden's been saying, "Go to 96 and whack the badger." Mat says it's part of an ad for a local Lexus dealer. I have no idea.

Maybe I'll shoot some video of the tell me what color this is game and post it. I'll also keep you posted on future Braeden-isms!

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