Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two months old

I took Gage in for his two-month appointment this morning. I knew there would be shots so I brought along the infant tylenol. Timing is a big deal when you're breastfeeding. I nursed Gage somewhere around 6:00 this morning (times are sketchy when sleep is involved) so I arrived at the doctor's office a little early and asked to be taken back to an exam room to nurse Gage before the appointment.

When the nurse popped in the first time, we were still nursing so she came back 10 minutes later and we were ready to go. I undressed Gage down to his diaper and popped him on the scale.

As a reminder, he was 9 pounds even at 6 weeks. Now at 9 weeks (or two months) he weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces putting him at the 25th percentile for weight. He is 23 inches long (50th percentile) and his head is 15 3/4 inches (also 50th percentile). Our doctor was very pleased with his weight gain and said he was continuing to track along the curve meaning he's growing at a consistent rate (measuring his progress against himself). Good. Happy mommy.

She listened to his heart, checked his ears, eyes, hips and asked me a few questions about his development. She didn't need to ask if he smiled because he was smiling at me when she came in. She wanted to know if he tracked objects or turned his head at loud sounds (yes and yes). Does he recognize my voice and turn to me? Again, yes and yes. Is he sleeping on his back in his crib? I told her yes, but of course the real answer is yes and no. We definitely practice "back to sleep" but he's sleeping in our bed at night. Anyway...

Then it was time for the shots. Doctors are chickens so they send in the big guns, the nurses, to administer the shots. The nurse gave Gage a liquid vaccine first then followed that up with three very fast shots. He started crying immediately after she stuck him with the first. And he bled quite a bit from the third. I teared right up. I don't remember crying with Braeden so I'm not sure what came over me this time.

Once the bandaids were on, I scooped Gage and held him tight kissing his forehead. He calmed himself down pretty quickly and was even smiling when I got him dressed. Before the shots I gave him a dose of tylenol knowing he might run a fever or be really irritable. Whether it was the tylenol or a reaction to the vaccines, he slept most of the day away. His head was really hot around 4:00ish when he was awake to nurse so I gave him another dose of tylenol. I'm sure he'll be back to his normal self tomorrow. Just in time for MeMa's visit. :)

And we go back to the doctor in two more months for his next appointment. And more shots.

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