Friday, February 1, 2008


After taking those cute pictures of Gage smiling at me, I decided to try out my camera's video feature.

I really love my camera. Mat picked it out (because I'm lousy with electronics) and gave it to me for Christmas last year. Lousy by choice, really, because I just don't care to devote any thought or attention to thinking about the details of mega pixels or battery life. He loved the camera enough to buy a newer, smaller, and slightly better version for himself this year for his birthday/Christmas present.

I love the pictures my camera takes and I can't believe I never tried shooting video with it before. It was easy and even easier to export from the camera to my computer. It's taking forever to upload to blogger but it also takes forever and a day to upload video from the camcorder to the computer and even longer to upload to youtube.

Anyway, nothing exciting happens in this video but I figured everyone would enjoy seeing Gage in motion.

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Me-ma said...

How very sweet is that video clip! Thanks for sharing him with us!