Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Please know that I know my video skills are sad. But you can't lay all the blame for this shaky video on me...Baby Gage was kicking my camera-holding arm while I was shooting this. To be honest, he kicked me a couple times but the rest of it was my fault. I guess I need to concentrate better or prop my arm so it's less shaky next time. I'll do better; I promise.

Anyway, Gage is a sweetheart. He loves to laugh. I catch him sometimes smiling and laughing at nothing and it cracks me up. So enjoy a little Gage.

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Emily said...

What a CUTIE!!!!! his cheeks are SOOOOOOOOOO fat! I love his smile-- It makes me smile back at the computer.

I can't wait to see him (and you) again next week.