Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We are the champions!

I had to go to the Food Lion this afternoon for bacon to make this salmon with lentils recipe from Emeril. I am so not an Emeril fan but this recipe was worth it. If you like salmon and lentils (and who doesn't??), give this a shot sometime.

Anyway, Gage and I were standing in line to buy the bacon (I always forget to buy something crucial for the recipe and have to make that last-minute trip to the store...actually, I usually send Mat!) and I saw they had two helium balloons tied to the register. The balloons were shaped like footballs, one for the Giants and one for that other team. :)

I asked the woman who checked me out and she gave me the Giants balloon. I'm pretty certain this gets me nominated for mother-of-the-year in Braeden's book. He was so excited to see it when he got home from school today.

I brought the balloon home tied to Gage's car seat. He is the Giants number two fan after all!

Braeden did show his team pride Monday by wearing his Giants gear to school. I just didn't get a chance to take a picture that night. Hopefully this will suffice to show that he represents. :)

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