Monday, March 10, 2008


I admit, I'm a sucker. I've probably taken a hundred close-up shots of Gage (and at least that many of Braeden when he was a baby) and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. He's got the sweetest face especially when he's asleep.

And the fattest cheeks!

Daylight savings time really messes with my mind...especially when it comes to nursing. Saturday night before he went to bed Mat set most of our clocks ahead. He didn't do the two in the living room though. I have a hard enough time remembering when I last nursed. Did I really need to worry if I had noted the time on the clock in the living room or the one in the bedroom? This afternoon Gage and I ran to Target for a couple things then to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner tonight (trying my hand at sausage and peppers). I'd nursed Gage about 15 minutes before I left the house so I knew I had plenty of time to run these errands. When I checked the clock in my car after I left Target I was impressed by how early in the day it was. I congratulated myself for getting up at 8:15 this morning instead of snoozing until 10:00. Then I realized I'd never set the clock in my car ahead and I felt pretty foolish. Checked my watch and saw that was an hour behind as well. Stupid daylight savings time!

Speaking of of the things I've promised to do (part of my 101 things in 1,0001 days) to be a better friend to the environment is to bring a bag to Target instead of coming home with one item in a plastic bag that I always throw away. So, I brought the bag mom and I made with me.

I had found a fun (and easy) project online to make tote bags out of dish towels. We made two while mom was here and I've got more towels at home to try my hand at a solo attempt. I threw my bag in the trunk with the stroller so I would have no excuse not to use it. I was able to pack all of my purchases into the bag. No waste. I am so proud. Plus it's the cutest bag.

Sticking up out of the bag is a new Spongebob hooded towel for Braeden and a set of new dish towels to make another bag. :)

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