Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I promise this blog won't become a tribute to my many creative endeavors...mostly because I don't foresee having so very many of them. :) I promise not to forget that this blog is about Gage so when I do post about my own creations I'll be sure to include something about the baby in the post. Sound good?

I made another tote bag from dish towels today. All told, it took me a couple hours. I used the towels I bought before my mom came down. I love stripes. And I guess I have a thing for spring green. I say I guess because I don't think I ever consciously thought about it. I don't wear the color but I do love it for things like towels and for Braeden's room. So it makes sense that I bought these towels from Bed Bath & Beyond to make the tote bags. Plus I got to use a chocolate brown towel for the other side of the bag.

And just to round out the craftiness of this post, I decided to use my new tote for my knitting stuff. Right now all I have in there is my set of circular needles and the two hats I've knit for baby Gage. Using spring green yarn no less! The second hat ended up being too big around to fit him now so I've hopefully made it big enough in full to fit him this fall. Fingers crossed.

See? That part was about Gage. :)

You know what else is about Gage? I went through his clothes tonight and packed up a bunch of his newborn things. Ouch. My baby has outgrown those cute, cute newborn things I bought last August in anticipation of his arrival. Most of the things went into a box to donate, but I'm keeping certain things that meant the most to me. My ultimate goal is to make these clothes (and the ones I saved from Braeden's babyhood) into a blanket so I can have them with me for always. That's the plan anyway. It's on my 101 list. And since I just added "donate $5 for every unfinished thing" to my list, I had better follow through on the blanket making.

After I sorted out the newborn clothes, I went through the four rubbermaid bins of clothes we had saved from Braeden. For some reason, the bins weren't sorted nicely by age range rather there was a hodge-podge of stuff in each bin. But now, now everything is sorted and stacked very nicely. And since I pulled out all the three month stuff and hung it in his closet, Gage now has just two bins of clothes. A lot of it is six month stuff, then we've got progressively less stuff the further out you go (9 months, 12 months, and just a few things for 18 months).

And what was Gage doing while I messed around in his closet? Why sleeping in his crib, of course. That's the first time he's done that. It only lasted 30 minutes but still.

It's confession time now. I'm in love. I am in love with Ralph Lauren baby clothes. I bought my first Polo baby outfit a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx. I had $15 leftover in TJ Maxx dollars so I didn't feel guilty buying a $15 Polo outfit for a baby.

But that's when the trouble began. I fell in love with Gage in this outfit. I love stripes. Have I already said that? I love how long he looks in this. And I love how crisp navy and white look together. And those tiny stripes? Perfect. I firmly believe that Ralph Lauren makes the best baby clothes. Lots of stripes, great colors, preppy styles. So, last week I bought two more outfits from Marshall's. I felt a little guilty spending $25 on two outfits but I just couldn't resist. And now I've decided not to bother with guilt because Gage is too cute to wear just any baby clothes.

So, if you're considering buying clothes for Gage and you really want to make my day (because it should be all about me after all), think Polo. :)

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