Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hunting for eggs

I've been looking forward to Easter for a while now...it's not like Easter has ever been a really big deal for me. My most memorable Easter was the one where dad accidentally slammed my finger in our huge, heavy front door as we were on the way out for an egg hunt at our neighbor's house. I'm pretty sure I ended up losing that nail! But I was looking forward to Easter, well really to the egg hunt, because Braeden and I had such an amazing time doing it last year.

Last year we went to the egg hunt in Gibsonville. This year we were a little late getting out the door so we had to go to the Elon one at the Schmidt Park. Now we love the Schmidt Park. Braeden has an amazing time playing there. And that turned out to be our downfall! For his age range, they hid the eggs on the playground. There were about 45 kids and their parents who rushed onto the playground when the signal was given. Braeden wouldn't go by himself, insisting I go with him. We walked around and I encouraged him to pick up the eggs. Children were running all around us diving for eggs, even knocking into me in a frenzy to get them.

Bray was really overwhelmed and thoroughly distracted by the playground. All he wanted to do was climb on the jungle gym. I put one egg in his basket and he flipped out and threw it out onto the ground. It wasn't really safe for him to play, so I told him we needed to leave if he wasn't going to look for eggs. We started towards the parking lot. And that's when we saw him...the Easter bunny. And now Braeden, who had been melting down about not wanting to leave, suddenly couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Later that day he wanted to hunt for eggs, so I promised him we would do it at our house. I had eggs from last year (my parents were here and we hid eggs for him to find). I filled some of the eggs with jelly beans, some with a few coins, and the rest with little stretchy dinosaurs I bought in the dollar section at Target. I filled the eggs up Saturday night and planned to hide them Sunday morning while our neighbor (Braeden's favorite playmate) was at church. We wanted B to have a chance to find all his eggs by himself.

Sunday morning I had B's Easter basket sitting at his place on our table. His basket was filled with cute little things (again from Target's dollar section) like an Elmo drawstring backpack, an Elmo coloring book, a small stuffed bunny, a Matchbox, and a Cadbury cream egg (my favorite Easter treat!). He couldn't wait to eat the egg but has totally refused to wear the backpack. He sometimes needs a little time to warm up to new things so I haven't given up hope yet!

Midmorning we went outside for the egg hunt. Braeden did great! I wasn't sure how hard to make the hunt, so a couple eggs were just in the yard and some were a little more hidden (in the bushes, in the crook of our maple tree, and in the newspaper holder below our mailbox).

And yes, he wore his faux-crocs for the hunt. He puts them on to run out to the garage with Mat or out to the back deck with me to toss bread for the birds. They're a tad bit slippery, though. When he was running down our slightly-sloped front yard to pick up his first egg, he wiped out and lost a shoe!

I can't help but look forward to next Easter...Braeden will be four and Gage will be about 15 months old, old enough to look for his own eggs.

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Me-ma said...

So cute and I do believe we are looking at Melissa's very same Easter Basket from long ago! I'm glad Braeden had a chance to have an egg hunt in his yard and enjoy it! Sometimes those organized hunts turn into such a running and shoving and crying match, that it makes me wonder if they are worth going to.