Sunday, March 23, 2008

One crafty mommy

Yesterday afternoon I was able to knock off two projects in short order. First I made Gage his first pair of legwarmers. Too cute.

When I was pregnant with Braeden my former boss gave me a dozen pairs of striped baby socks in different colors--red and white, navy and white, orange and white, etc.. They were perfectly packaged in an egg carton. (I've blogged about them before, that's how much I love them.) Braeden wore them almost every day for a year. In almost every picture from his first year he's wearing one of the pairs of socks. I can't think of him from that time without thinking of the socks. Because of my deep love for the socks, we kept them for our next baby.

What does this have to do with Gage's baby legs? Well, he and I were at TJ Maxx about two weeks ago when I saw these black and white striped socks and immediately thought of Braeden's striped socks. And then I remembered Emily posting about making legwarmers out of socks and I knew I had to buy these striped socks. She sent me the directions and I got cracking. I had to read through the directions a couple times and really study the pictures, especially the part about the cuffs, but I did it! These are too big for Gage now...he kicked them off! But I know they'll fit really well this fall.

Given how easy they were and how cute they look, I'm hooked. I'm going to be on the lookout for great argyle socks now. So preppy. The striped ones are made of bamboo and are super-soft. I'll look for more bamboo pairs too. I had no idea you could make fabric from bamboo. At Michael's I saw bamboo yarn. It was so soft. And so expensive too.

The other project I did was another dish towel tote bag using the towels I bought at Target. You can see the towels sticking out the top of the first tote I made in this picture. I gave this tote longer handles so I can put it over my shoulder. This is my third dish towel tote and I think it came out the best. I was very careful doing the stitching and yet it took the least amount of time since I've finally got the process down pat.

How did I have so much time to complete these projects? My wonderful husband took both boys outside (it was about 75 degrees!) so I could be free to be me inside. :)

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Me-ma said...

How very cute! Thanks for sharing and also sending me to Emily's blog to see Baby Will in some of his legwarmers too! I didn't know legwarmers were still a thing. Remember all the pairs of them we wore when you were young and we were dancers? But seriously, how clever is it to make them out of grown up socks!