Monday, March 10, 2008

Proud, proud parents

I hardly know what to say...the day Mat and I have been dreaming about for so long has finally arrived. After nearly a year of cajoling, bribing, begging, and pleading, Braeden is potty trained!

In August we finally got Braeden to sit on his potty. Nothing happened but just sitting on the potty was a HUGE accomplishment at the time!

At the end of that month he peed on the potty for the first time! And then we had weeks of nothing. No potty action, nothing to report.

We tried bribing him with m&ms, spending the day naked (him, not us!), applying peer like Tristan, pee on the potty, bribing him with pull-ups and later big-boy underpants. Nothing really worked.

But like everyone always said, one day it just happened. Suddenly he was peeing on the potty regularly. No more wet pull-ups. He would just announce he needed to go and he would go. He doesn't need our help to pee; well, sometimes he needs our help to snap his pants again. :) But, bottom line, he was doing great!

Then we had to face the next hurdle...pooping on the potty. Before children I never would have imagined blogging about poop. And truly, there's a big part of me that would like never to have to talk about it here, but it's really a huge part of parenting and an even bigger milestone for Braeden. This really felt like an insurmountable hurdle. If we thought getting him to pee on the potty was tough, well this was in a whole new league of tough.

Nothing we did seemed to get through to him. We tried to reason with him by saying he couldn't move up at daycare until he was pooping on the potty and moving up means being with Alex and Tristan. Meant nothing to him. We offered him bigger rewards like more m&ms, chocolate chips, a special present, and even a party. No dice. We resorted to watching him for cues, then yanking his pull-up when we thought he needed to go. I guess some combination of these things was ultimately successful; it's hard to say for sure because I'm sure it had something to do with his own internal sense of readiness. Probably some group dynamic at daycare made a difference too.

We started seeing real, regular success two weeks ago. Braeden would announce he needed to poop and he would go do it. He was so proud of himself and at first insisted on m&ms. Mostly now he forgets he's owed anything. It's kind of like using the potty and getting to use toilet paper is reward enough. Who would have thought?

So for a couple weeks now we've had almost 100% success with the potty. At home. Away from home has been a completely different story. Since he's been peeing, we've tried taking him to the bathroom places but it's always ended the same way. Bray gets scared of the big potty and leaves the bathroom in a slight panic. After all of our other efforts, I guess we thought this would change in time. And it has.

Saturday night we went to Sidetracks for dinner (I love their french fries!). Before our food came, B announced he needed to pee. I asked him if he wanted daddy to take him to the bathroom and he agreed. We've been here before so I didn't think much of it. Mat asked Braeden if he wanted to try peeing standing up and off they went. I expected them to come right back, so when they didn't I started getting hopeful. Cautiously optimistic in fact. And a couple minutes later Braeden ran back to the table with a huge smile on his face. He announced very proudly (and very loudly) that he had peed standing up! I'm sure everyone else eating at Sidetracks was just as excited for him as we were.

He went TWICE while we were at dinner!

And as if that weren't home he's decided he wants to use the real toilet instead of his little potty on the floor. So we finally get to use the little Elmo seat I bought to make the seat more kid-sized. We didn't have to clean the little potty at all yesterday. And that's huge! And what's even better is that Braeden is so proud of himself. Plus, this means we can plan a day trip and have one less thing to worry about! Mat has spring break in two weeks so we're going somewhere for the day, maybe Fearrington Village to see the belted cows and goats. But I'm open to other suggestions...

As a reminder of how far we've come or what we have to look forward to in a couple years or just nature's way of yanking me back to reality, Gage just pooped and I need to go change his diaper. The universe is funny like that.

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Wow! Way to go Braeden!