Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ride like the wind

Today was a beautiful day. Bright sun, blue sky, slight breeze. Perfect shorts weather. After Braeden's quiet time he got to play outside with the neighbor girl, Natasha. I went outside for a little bit to watch him and couldn't resist shooting this video of him riding on Natasha's tricycle. She was riding her Disney Princesses two-wheeler. He has his two tricycles of his own, but for some reason he really prefers hers.

I love how fast his little legs are pumping to make those tiny little circles. I also love that he barely even notices I'm filming him. My kid is a ham. A big, sweet Easter ham. But when he's riding on that bike, he is 100% focused on pedaling in circles.

Cute, right?


Mareike said...

Thanks for posting the video. Braeden is so cute in his serious consentration. It looks like a nice neighborhood in which to be growing up.

Me-ma said...

sooo fast! I thoroughly enjoyed watching him ride when I was visiting in early March and he rides even faster now! Thanks! P-pa was amazed at how well he rides and so jealous of your 70 degree day!

Emily said...

i love how he looks down to watch his legs every now and then. I think he's impressed with himself, too.

i agree with mareike, it's awesome that he has a quiet cul-de-sac to play in!