Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Truth in blogging

There are times when I wish Mat didn't read the blog. Like when I spend $90 on newborn clothes at Carter's. And that's crazy because he sees the bags and the clothes. And he's not stupid. He knows what stuff costs. He can do the math.

And lately he's been reading the blog regularly. I know because yesterday he mentioned me calling him a wonderful husband because he took both boys outside so I could do my projects. So, knowing this, now I sometimes think I should watch what I post. Especially about what stuff costs or decisions I've made without discussing them with him...

I'm a little obsessed. You already know about my obsession with Polo baby clothes. And I've written extensively about my love for Gage's gDipes. Well, now I'm growing obsessed with cloth diapering. I think everyone who said gDiapers were a gateway to cloth was right!

Monday afternoon Gage and I went to visit Emily's lactation consultant who also sells stuff like cloth diapers, Moby wraps, nursing bras, pumps, and all-natural soaps. Linda is incredibly nice and very knowledgeable about the products she sells. I went to see her in early March so that I could buy a bumgenius! cloth diaper for Will for his baptism gift. Linda very patiently went through all the cloth diapering options for me. And I fell in love with a bamboo fitted diaper. Partly I fell in love with the name, bamboozle, and partly with how soft it was. What bugged me about it was that you had to cover up that gorgeous natural color and soft material with a waterproof cover. (Of course, online I found really cute covers so that doesn't bother me as much anymore.) The other fitted diaper I love the look and feel of is the Kissaluv. They come in colors but I really just like the unbleached look. Again, you have to cover it up but I wouldn't mind covering it up if I did it with something as cute as this bummi.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, when we were at Linda's shop I bought a few inserts to use overnight with our gDiapers-a couple of hemp stuffins and a super soaker. But all of my looking at cloth diapers and reading about them online and talking with Emily about them, I couldn't resist getting a couple for myself for overnights. I ordered a happy heiny (the dumbest name I've ever seen) with a cow print (!) and a blue Thirsties all-in-one pocket diaper. I cannot wait to snap a picture of baby Gage in his cow print diaper! And rest easy, that picture will end up on the blog.

I probably won't be able to resist getting one of the Kissaluvs and a bummi cover. And I might even get a bamboozle sometime down the road. Both will last us until Gage is out of diapers so they'll be good investments. (That part was for Mat!)

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Emily said...

oh, you are so done. you are done. there's no going back ...

i love that you ordered a HH and a thirsties. i'm still waiting paitently for my thirsties.

try a bumgenius. just TRY it. :)