Wednesday, March 5, 2008 update at last!

Sorry for not posting for a while...MeMa flew down to spend a long weekend with us, so we were out and about a lot. And now I have a lot to catch up on...without further ado...

Braeden, Gage, and I drove to pick MeMa up at the airport. B was so excited to see the airplanes. We saw her plane taxi down the runway, then a few minutes later it appeared again as it moved into position so that the passengers could disembark. That was a special treat...I figured we would be stuck in some boring waiting room, but instead we were able to stand at huge windows and see all the action. Braeden LOVED it! I could even see my mom come down the ramp from the plane and walk across the tarmac.

We took MeMa to Monterreys for lunch...actually, the trip could probably be summed up in two words: eat/shop. We ate out three times and bought something each day she was here. And in between, there were bottles to give, babies to burp, games to play, walks to take, bags to sew, hats to knit, granola to make...

MeMa gave Gage a bottle one afternoon.

Apparently that wiped them both out!

If you read closely above you know that we were sewing and knitting this weekend in addition to taking care of two beautiful boys. I'm not really an artsy-craftsy person. I've never really sat down to learn and I'm no good at teaching myself. I need to see something done then do it myself to really learn. Years ago mom taught me to crochet and I made an afghan for my sister for Christmas. The thing I don't like about crochet is that the stitches usually look really loose and the finished product ends up looking old-fashioned like your grandma's shawl. Mom's been knitting for years and this weekend she taught me to knit a baby hat using circular needles. She had made a beautiful blue hat for Gage which he wears all the time when we go out. I bought some green yarn (the brand name is cupcake...I think I bought it more for the name than anything else) and mom took care of casting on the yarn. She did enough stitches so that the hat would fit his head and then it was up to me. As you can see from this picture, I needed to do another inch or so of stitches to make it fit right. It kind of looks like he's wearing a beanie! You can also see the needle at the top...I needed one more lesson from mom to finish it up. I think I'll try again since I have more yarn.

Finally, I took these pictures this morning when I put Gage in his crib for the first time! After his diaper change this morning I took him upstairs to pick out something for him to wear today.

Gage liked his brief time in his crib under the blanket MeMa knit for him.

Or at least he did until he kicked it off! This kid has happy feet. We can't keep socks on him or a blanket over him. Blankets end up on the floor or covering his face. All I can do is laugh sometimes. :)

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Me-ma said...

yes, I did enjoy my visit! I guess you really did catch me napping -- a little bit humiliating, but I think I just napped to keep baby Gage company!
What a fun visit I had. Thanks so much!