Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will's Baptism

This morning we went to Big Will's baptism. The last time Mat and I were in that church was for Emily and Kenny's wedding. I was seven months pregnant with Braeden at the time. I remember feeling big, tired, and a little uncomfortable. I also remember feeling happy, sentimental, and very peacefulthat these two great people had found each other and were celebrating that with this beautiful wedding. And today I felt so glad that I could be there to celebrate this next part of their lives with them.

Braeden was really good for most of the service. About two-thirds of the way through Mat took him outside and they explored the rest of the church. We sat in the way back so it was easy to get in and out without disturbing the entire congregation. I spent about half the service standing at the very back of the church with Gage since he was a little fussy and made just a little noise. We made it the baby corner because we were joined by two of Emily's sisters, Jenni with her daughter Becca and Courtney with her daughter Jillian. I wondered if Emily would notice us back there...she told us later that we looked so funny back there all together. I'm sure we did!

After the service (Will was a champ!), we went back to Emily and Kenny's for lunch. We had a great time and at the very last second, I remembered I wanted to get a picture of the four of us together. We hardly ever make the effort to do it and today was special since we were all dressed in nice clothes. So, here we are on Emily and Kenny's back deck.

Braeden played outside with the other kids after he had lunch (a slice of sandwich cheese, a hamburger roll, and a vanilla cupcake with blue frosting). He ran in at one point and gave me a flower telling me it was pretty. :) Here's a picture of the flower (a lilac, I think, judging by the pretty smell) and the burp cloths Ashley made.

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