Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yea for gDipes!

I LOVE that you can track packages through FedEx! It's one of my favorite parts about online ordering. Mat gets tired of my 1:50 AM my shuffle departed Lewisbury, Pa or at 8:37 AM my gDiapers were on the truck for delivery. So cool! I only wish they updated more frequently. When mom flew down here, I learned I could go online and track her flight's path including altitude. It would make me ecstatic to be able to track my packages in that kind of detail too. I'm a geek. There's nothing else to say on that subject.

Anyway, Gage's gDiapers were delivered at 11:47 AM Wednesday. I popped them right in the washing machine so Gage could start wearing them ASAP.

As you can see, he already likes his new gDipes! Just look at his smile.

I LOVE the orange pants. They're so sweet.

So far we've been doing great with the gDipes. Mat didn't get a chance to learn how to use them yesterday, so last night we used the Pampers. But he spent most of the day and all of today in his gDipes. He had a messy, messy poop this afternoon that got out of the liner and onto his vanilla pant which means we're down to just one gDipe until we do laundry again. This is why they recommend on their site that you buy 4-6 pairs of the little g pants. Since I love them as much as I do, I ordered two more pairs of little g pants last night. When they arrive on Monday we'll have chocolate brown and blue pants to go with our orange and vanilla pairs. I'm really excited about the chocolate ones!

And here's one of my favorite parts of gDipes...

It's like they were meant for Gage with that little g on the back!

Flushing the inserts has been going well too. When you rip apart the insert, the inside is made of tree pulp fluff (say that three times fast!) that basically disintegrates when it hits the water. I only have a couple inserts left so I need to call the local EarthFare store and find out if they sell the bigger packs of inserts. If so, we'll drive over tomorrow to buy more. If not, I'll have to order them online and we'll be stuck using Pampers over the weekend. Blah.

The size small pants we've got should fit him until he's about 14 pounds then we move up to the mediums. Since it probably won't be too long before he weighs more than that, I want to see if we can get by with just four pairs of the small pants. I'm sure I'll want to buy more of the mediums since they will fit up to 28 pounds. By the time Braeden weighed 28 pounds he was almost three years old! And I'm hoping by the time I need mediums, gDiapers will have added patterns to their stock. I would love pants with polka-dots and stripes. I would really love paisley pants! I have a major thing for paisley.

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Emily said...

mmmmmmm...that's a mighty sweet bum in the gdipe! seriously. how can anyone tell you that cloth isn't cuter? SO much cuter.

I'm SO glad you are loving them.

when you are done with your smalls, you should sell them on diaperswappers. you'll get a lot of your $$ back. And, i've always read that mediums *usually* fit babies until they are out of diapers since they get long and lean when they start walking.

I can't wait to see gage in his gdipes!! :)