Monday, April 21, 2008

Bed time

We're working out a new nighttime routine for Gage now. The old routine had me nursing Gage at 7:30 or 8:00 before putting him in his swing for a loooong nap. When I was ready for bed, I would take him in with me, change him into his sleepy clothes, and nurse him in bed. And at some point, we both fall asleep. Usually around midnight.

A few nights ago I decided it was time to transition to something new. Last night I nursed him in bed at 9:30. When he finished, I moved him into the cosleeper and he slept until 3:30 AM! That may sound like some form of government-approved torture (Thank you, George Bush!) to most of you, but anyone with a baby will celebrate with me!

This is our third night of the new routine. I'm excited to see how it goes tonight. While I'm excited Gage is sleeping longer at night, I'm also sad because I know it means he'll need to move upstairs to his own room soon. Braeden left our bed at six months, so I've been using that as a benchmark. That was about the right time because Braeden had become an active sleeper. Mat and I weren't getting nearly enough rest what with the kicking and arm-thrashing Braeden would do all night long. Gage doesn't do any of that. Right now, anyway. If he stays a quiet sleeper, maybe he can sleep with us longer. :)

I started work on my pattern project today. While Gage was napping in his swing, I very carefully cut out the three pattern pieces. What insane sadist came up with that superfine tissue paper for patterns? After the pattern cutting, I headed upstairs and cut the fabric and batting. I wasn't sure what kind of batting to buy so I asked the woman cutting my fabric at JoAnn's. She recommended cotton since I was making something for a baby. I ran back to the batting section and grabbed a bag hoping it would be enough. Well, now I have batting for a bunch of future projects! And this stuff is soft. Really soft. Like blanket soft.

Once I got done admiring my batting (which will ultimately go inside my fabric, never to be seen or felt by anyone), I started sewing. I'm not a person who is good at following directions. I learn by doing. Reading through the pattern steps and trying to decipher the pictures isn't easy for me. I work better if I know what the final product should look like. Like the bibs or the burp cloths I made...those were easy because I knew what the finished product would look like, so the directions made sense. In this case, I've never made this project before so I'm really flying blind. Tomorrow I need to slipstich my project closed. And then, I have to make buttonholes. And I'm scared silly! Not only do the instructions for making buttonholes seem complicated, they need to be placed just right to work. It's a lot of pressure!

Hopefully, there will be photos of my work tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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Me-ma said...

Hey, no fair, I still don't know what the project is! Help me out with a hint.