Sunday, April 27, 2008


Moms who use cloth (AKA fluff) on their kids love to share pictures of their stash with others. My stash has been a moving target since I started so I've been holding off on showing pictures.

Early on I bought a few diapers on the swap so I could find the right combination for us. And as we used them, I came to terms with what I liked or didn't like about each of them. Before I started using cloth I knew I wanted to use fitteds (cloth that doesn't have a waterproof outer and therefore requires a cover). I thought they were so pretty, especially the ones that were undyed. I've posted a picture of Gage in a Kissaluv fitted before. Around the house, I skip the cover and change him when the top feels wet. I bought three of these on the swap, and they should fit him until he weighs about 20 pounds. Cool.

The first diapers I bought were a happy heiny (my cow print diaper) and a Thirsties. I love both. I did have an issue with my Thirsties, though. The velcro was starting to come undone, so I sent it back to be repaired and am waiting to get it back. I miss it! In the meantime, I ordered another one but the package is MIA (the official term from the site I ordered it from). They're sending another in a different color, just in case the first one comes. Then I'll have three which makes me happy since I really love their absorbency and the way they fit Gage.

Emily's favorite diapers are bumGenius! one-size diapers (which means you can use the same diaper on an eight-pound baby and a 35-pound toddler. I bought two to try and didn't love them at first. I was determined to make them work. Emily wouldn't love them if they were crap. And neither would all the other moms who use them and swear by them. After a while, I had a stuffing epiphany and now I'm on board. We were using the two bGs as our overnight diaper and they are amazing for that! So I bought three more and am so happy to have them all clean and waiting to be used. Gage is wearing the yellow one tonight!

And we're still using the gDiapers. Those are the Mat-friendly diapers. He knows how to put them on and how to dispose of them. And when I add a doubler to the insert, they work great for trips away from home.

When I get my repaired Thirsties back and whatever new ones make it to the house, I'll post a picture of the full stash. Something to look forward to, right?!

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