Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Four months old

I've been taking pictures of Gage each month in the same onesie. I love his pose in this four-month picture!

Tuesday morning I took Gage to the doctor for his four-month check-up. Mat and I really, really like the boys' pediatrician. I like that she remembers Braeden and everything he went through. It's nothing more than you should expect from your doctor, but I appreciate it. I feel like our boys are in good hands with her.

Not much happened at this morning's appointment, so I'll get straight to the good stuff. Gage weighed 12 pounds 3 ounces. He gained two pounds since his two-month appointment. While I forgot to ask about percentiles, the doctor said that two pounds in two months at this age was right on target. They measured his length at 25 inches and his head circumference was 16 inches. I can tell you that his head size is in the 50th percentile. The doctor laughingly brought up Braeden's head size--how it always measured off the charts! That's why I like our doctor. She remembers something little like how big Braeden's head is. I like that we can laugh about it together.

It's fun to look back and compare Gage's development to Braeden's, so I pulled out B's baby book to check on the numbers. At his four-month appointment, Braeden weighed just 11 lbs 10 oz and measured 24 1/4 inches long.

Here's a picture I found of Braeden at four months old. If you look closely, you'll see that Mat's pant leg is wet. Braeden spit up every time we sat him up. Not just a little dribble like Gage might, but enough to soak a pair of carhartts. The first thing I notice looking at this is how Bray's eyes look kind of sunken. It takes me right back to those early months when I had to bring him in to the doctor's office week after week for weight checks. The frustration I felt when he would go weeks at a time without gaining anything. It's just amazing how far we've come.

Today Gage and I went to Greensboro for lunch with Emily. Fun as always...a little gossip, some stories about our kids, lots of talk about boobs, and even some breastfeeding. Then we went over to the Fresh Market. So much fun. I bought treats for everyone--beautiful strawberries from a local farm for me, a bar of chocolate that's 99% cocoa for Mat, gummy alphabet letters for Braeden, and whole wheat knot rolls for our dinner.

When we got home, I tackled a new project. Emily asked about my other project, the one I blogged about here. I had to admit that I haven't tried making buttonholes yet. Instead of taking on that challenge, I decided to make baby pants. I found a tutorial online that seemed easy enough. And I knew exactly what fabric to use...Braeden's old crib sheet!

I loved, loved, LOVED Braeden's bedding. It's this sweet green and white toile print. I'm planning to sell the bedding set (comforter, bedskirt, and bumper) but the sheet was pretty worn. So I got brave and cut it up this afternoon. And now it's a pair of pants!

Here's a (staged!) picture of me at work.

And here's the finished product.

And this is the fun/silly stitch I used for the waistband and hem on the legs. I'm not sure you can see the stitch unless you click on the picture first to enlarge it.

While working on these pants, I learned that my sewing machine (a Kenmore, not a Singer like I previously said) DOES have a serging stitch so these pants have finished seams inside. How cool is that??? I almost took a picture, that's how much I love my serged seams. :)

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