Saturday, April 12, 2008

If Mrs. Worrell could see me now...

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I wouldn't have believed I could create something. Sure, I can cook. And I can definitely bake. But sew? In eighth-grade home ec I made a blue skirt except I managed to sew all the seams together and ended up with a blue pillow instead. About six or seven years ago I was going through a phase, a pretty short-lived one, where I wanted to sew things. Mat's mom gave me a nice Singer sewing machine. I can remember making a pair of really ugly capri pants and a long sleeveless tank dress. And then I was done.

I don't remember feeling the desire to create things when I had Braeden. Maybe it was dealing with his reflux and poor weight gain. Those two issues consumed us for a long, long time. The weekly weight checks, extra laundry, and nightly interruptions of our sleep due to a crying baby in pain didn't leave a lot of time (or energy) for projects. Braeden soaked burp cloths faster than we could do laundry so we'd use dish towels for burp cloths. Kind of ironic that I'm making tote bags from dish towels this time around!

All this is to say my sewing machine is getting a lot more use these days. :)

My dad came down for a visit (see Braeden's blog for a full post on his visit) and left Thursday after lunch. Braeden was upstairs for about an hour for his quiet time when he began whining to come downstairs. Instead of letting him down, I offered to come up with Gage so I could put together the blanket. I was surprised, and a little impressed, at how quickly the blanket came together. The fabrics are so soft, what baby wouldn't want to snuggle with this blanket?! The ribbon loops are cute, although I might add more to each side if I make another. (And I am thinking of making maybe one for my neighbor, Michelle, who had a baby girl last night!) If I do decide to make more, though, I'm going to need some hands-on training in slipstitching (aka the hand sewing required to finish the blanket after you pull it through itself...clear as mud, right?). My slipstitched corner looks like utter crap.

The good thing is I can always rip out my awful hand stitches when some sewing genius comes along to help me. :)

But the best part is Gage doesn't care what my slipstitches look like! He loves his new blanket.

And yes, under the blanket Gage is wearing a Kissaluv with no cover! I've found if I pay attention and we're just around the house, we can get away without a cover. And that makes me love fitted diapers again!

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Me-ma said...

Wow! You are so clever! Glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of doing some sewing projects! And Gage certainly likes his new blanket! What a cutiepie he is!