Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is this the future???

Here's a picture (taken with my camera phone) at Zander's birthday party. This is Braeden and Makena riding in one of those bouncy rides. It's a Jeep. And it cost Makena's mom and me 50 cents per ride! That's outrageous, right?

Makena and Braeden are tight. The bestest of friends. Could they be a couple? Check back with me in about 13 years and I'll let you know!

Of course they'll have to settle the issue of who gets to drive...caused a little fight, but don't most couples fight over who's the better driver? For the record, in the Potter-Gendle household, it's me! Now Mat may tell you otherwise, but who are you going to believe? Besides, Mat doesn't write on the blog so he really doesn't have an outlet to spread his lies, now does he?!

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