Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just like P-Pa

After my dad's visit we noticed Braeden had picked up a new habit. I guess you could call it a habit. Mat was the first to notice. And once he pointed it out to me, I can't help but notice each time he does it.

When Braeden would ask my dad a question (usually one beginning with every parent's least favorite word, why) or suggest some new activity, dad would say, "Well..."

And now, Braeden says it too! It's not just that he says the word, though. Braeden also draws it out the way my dad does. So it sounds kind of like, "Weelllll". Maybe I can capture it on video for you.

But in the meantime, here's a typical conversation:

Mat: Bray, it's time to pick up your cars so we can go outside.
Braeden: Well, first I need to jump off the couch one more time.

M: No, Braeden. Pick up the cars. It's time to go outside.
B: Well, I have to give Gage a kiss.

M: Braeden. Pick up your cars. We're not going outside until you pick up the cars.
B: Well, I want to go outside.

M: Then pick up your cars. Now.
B: Well, you have to help me.

OK. I think you get the idea. And please don't think I exaggerated that conversation. You can hear that exact scene play out in our house a hundred times each week! Just substitute Target, dinner, or bed for outside and cooking stuff, (play) food, or books for cars. We love that Braeden has gotten better at reasoning, rationalizing, and remembering (the three R's!), but it's also made every conversation, every request, every everything a lot more work and so much more time-consuming.

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Me-ma said...

We love the "Wellll" It's a perfect little thing for P-pa and Braeden to share!